The Simple Way to Declutter Your Phone

Your phone is undoubtedly your lifeline, as it is for almost everyone these days. It’s how you interact with others, search the internet for answers, and get more done. Most likely, you’re reading this from your phone right now. Take a peek at your phone’s apps, though. Do you ever have the feeling that you can’t seem to locate what you’re looking for? Do you have a jumbled mess on your phone? Do you have apps on your phone that you don’t recall installing and have no idea what they do? Let’s get your smartphone cleaned up and cleared out if it looks like a junk drawer (which is a whole other project we won’t get into right now). Let’s get organised and figure out what we really need.

Simple Methods for Decluttering Your Phone

Are you ready to begin? It’s time to clear out your phone and enhance its functionality so you can get more done!

Delete any apps that are no longer in use

We’ve all downloaded an app only to find out it’s not as beneficial as we thought it was, or that our need for it has passed. Purging your iPhone of apps you no longer use, similar to cleaning out and purging your home of items you no longer need, will keep your phone running fast and clutter-free.Who has time to sift through a slew of apps in search of the ONE they require? If you have an iPhone, go to your battery and check at the usage in the settings area to see how much you’ve used an app in the last week. Install an app usage tracker like Frequency or QualityTime on your Android phone and track your usage for a few weeks. Most Android phones also reveal app usage in the settings section if you don’t want to install another app. Delete whatever you don’t use.

Hide Apps You Don’t Use Often

You probably have a few apps and features on your phone that you use occasionally but not frequently. These could be photo editing apps, games, or proprietary programmes that come pre-installed with the operating system on your phone. Some of these programmes are impossible to erase, while others may be useful in the future. Install an app concealing programme for Android, such as Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, that allows you to store apps in “drawers” so they don’t clutter up your home screen. You may be able to build your own app folders and/or move apps off the main screen depending on your phone type. Whatever method you use, review how congested your phone is every few months and eliminate any apps you can.

Create Folders

Creating folders on your home screen will help you keep everything organised. Depending on your organisational approach, you can make a lot of folders or just a few. You can make folders based on how you use an app or the type of programme you’re using…or any other system you find handy! Folders safeguard your phone from becoming cluttered and unusable. You will even find that putting time-eaters like Facebook and Instagram into folders is beneficial. That way, it won’t be the first app you open when you pick up my phone. By just holding and dragging app icons into the various directories, you may move them around.

Organize Apps by Task

You can create folders based on what your various apps do if it suits your organising approach. Create a folder for scheduling, an organising folder, a correspondence folder, and so on. Workout, health, and fitness apps can be organised into folders. You can make folders based on your job tasks and populate them with the apps you use at work. If you’re a blogger, you might want to organise your content management app, notes, Pinterest, and other apps on your phone into folders. Organizing apps by task might help you locate exactly what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it. It also helps you stay focused on what you’re doing. When you’re really trying, you won’t be tempted to check social media. When you’re trying to use your banking app, you won’t be tempted to browse social media.


There are other fantastic tools for making your lives easier and more productive. These tools will assist if you keep your phone organized and prioritise your apps. Declutter your phone so that it can genuinely serve as a tool to assist you in living a better (and calmer) life.