Paint by numbers – The most popular art galleries in the UK

Britain’s museum and art gallery scene is one of its strongest and most influential cultural exports, and with a vast, diverse selection of art genres and categories, there is almost certainly something that everyone will enjoy.

Want to visit an art gallery in the near future? Perhaps you’re an artist looking for inspiration? Or maybe you just want somewhere to go and take pictures so that you can look cultured? Whatever the case may be, here is a small selection of some of the most popular and exciting art galleries, from different cities around the country.

Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool has a huge variety of art, ranging from traditional pieces from the 13th century to modern and abstract art from a range of communities in and around the northern area. With one of the most impressive selections of art in the UK, and perhaps even Europe, it’s a must-visit destination if you’re in the city, featuring works from Rembrandt, to Monet, to Hockney. Also sometimes showcasing emerging talent, the Liverpool gallery is very much reflective of the creativity in the city as a whole.

Liverpool’s culture permeates into everything around the city, including its business, and that’s why it’s such a popular place to live. An increasing number of students and young people are looking to move into the city, seeking the work of the future in digital hubs such as the Baltic Triangle and its surrounding creative melting pots. RW Invest is one of the property investment companies at the heart of this growth, offering investors (and thus tenants) the option to position themselves in this cultural heatmap.

Other popular art galleries and museums in this city include the Liverpool TATE gallery situated on the Albert Dock, currently exhibiting a selection of Keith Haring’s work, and the Liverpool Foundation for Art and Creative Technology.

TATE Modern London

A world-renowned art gallery and perhaps the flagship in the country for engaging, quirky, and thought-provoking pieces, the TATE Modern is still swelling in popularity even today, taking over the stalwart British Museum last year as the most popular British visitor attraction for the first time in a decade. The sheer variety of art on offer in different forms is impressive, from films, to talks, to tours and workshops, and with the number of people from all walks of life coming to London as tourists each year, it’s the perfect combination.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire’s Sculpture Park showcases an array of weird and wonderful pieces, out in the British countryside among hundreds of acres of parkland. One of the more famous pieces that inhabited the area was Zak Ove’s Black and Blue, which an army of identical 2-meter tall figures stood in a striking formation.

This one is a change of pace from the traditional, ‘paintings hung on a wall’ setup of the art gallery stereotype, offering a unique experience outdoors that’s perfect for taking children on a sunny day. The sculpture park even welcomes dogs, which is a unique allowance that I’m sure can’t be said for the vast majority of other exhibitions and galleries around the UK.