Sam Samsung – The Virtual Woman

Samsung Sam is the new virtual assistant that captures wide internet users’ attention. A 3D-painted portrait of a digital lady became viral and created a sensation on the internet. Here, we will discuss interesting facts about Sam Samsung. So, let’s get started;

Who is Sam Samsung ?

Sam Samsung is a collection of 3D paintings of a virtual woman. The photographs have drawn international attention after being discovered at the Brazilian design studio, Lightfarm. The studio developed a theoretical virtual assistant draft in partnership with a marketing agency under Samsung named “Cheil.”

Who made Sam Samsung ?

Sam Samsung is nothing but a virtual girl. So, it only exists as a 3D collection of pictures that represents a fun-loving unusual girl who is an expert in using Samsung items.

Brazilian design studio Lightfarm creates Sam Samsung along with Cheil. Cheil is a marketing company for Samsung. There was no intention to use Sam Samsung for the promotion of Samsung-manufactured products. It was created to display what a virtual assistant might look like in the form of a human being.

Lightfarm had created a 2D model before. But they have redesigned it and uploaded its 3D form to Social Networks. Since then, Sam Samsung has prevailed on the internet for a completely different reason.

How to get Sam Samsung Virtual Assistant?

According to the latest report of Polygon, Sam Samsung is not the proper Artificial Intelligence tool for the brand. It is only a part of a canceled assignment. Lightfarm developed the 3-dimensional images for the brand, but Samsung didn’t include the photos for any promotional event. But the virtual assistant has some excellent features that make it a popular AI in the market as well as a great competitor to Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, etc. If you are wondering how to get Sam Samsung on your Samsung phone, then the following are the steps.

  • Open your application tab.
  • Click on settings
  • Select advanced features
  • Open Bixby key
  • If Bixby isn’t set up on your mobile, then select get started.
  • Finally, set if you want to run Sam with a double or single tap of the Bixby button.

There is Samsung Sam rule 34. Samsung Sam r34 will help you turn your phone into a virtual assistant.

How to use Sam Samsung?

The use of Sam Samsung varies according to the handsets. It can be operated with the side key or Bixby key under the volume key on any device’s left side.

If your Samsung mobile contains a Bixby key, you need to press it once, and the home page will be opened. You can hear the voice of Sam, and for that, you need to hold down the Bixby key.

If you have a button at the side of your handset, you can use Sam by pressing the key and holding it.

How old is Sam Samsung ?

Sam Samsung is twenty-one years old girl from Korea. She has a bob haircut, big blue eyes, and a jolly nature. Her physical attraction makes her popular among Samsung mobile users, and she has more than 60 thousand users on Twitter.

Many fans declared Sam as their “waifu,” a Japanese word for promoting any virtual lady as a wife. Sam first appeared on the Internet on 26th November 2021 in a video clip named “Smart Friday: Es Momento de Renovar,” The users thought that Sam would be the new AI for Samsung.


Samsung created Sam to demonstrate what a virtual assistant looks like in a woman’s shape. But after one year, Sam was made official by the company, and the Latin and American branches of the company announced Sam Samsung as their new virtual specialist.