LaMelo Ball Shoes – Best Sports Shoes From Puma

LaMelo Ball signed a contract of $100 with Puma as the company is going to launch LaMelo Ball shoes. This is not the first time LaMelo Ball Puma shoes will hit the market. The First model of the LaMelo series was MB.01, and Puma MB.01 was a great success. The second series of LaMelo ball shoes is on its way to the market.

What shoes does LaMelo Ball Wear?

LaMelo Ball shoes
LaMelo Ball Wear

Puma re-entered the basketball shoe industry in 2018. The brand approached Charlotte Hornets point guard LaMelo Ball before he started his new season and launched the first of his signature sneaker collection in the year 2021-22.

LaMelo Ball’s first sneaker, the MB.01, is available in various colors with a low-top shoe model. Currently, the company follows the original shape and is going to launch new shoes by combining the features and colors of MB.01.

LaMelo Ball Rick and Morty shoes have become a top-rated shoe series in the last few years. Inspired by the Rick and Morty LaMelo Ball shoes new Puma MB.01 is going to hit the market again. LaMelo Ball shoes Rick and Morty will utilize two various palettes to bring out Rick and Morty features.

The new LaMelo Ball shoes with the name “Be You” will be a mixture of all previous designs and colors of LaMelo. The right and left shoes will be exclusive in looks, but the construction pattern will be the same as MB.01with a unique knitted upper portion.

A video released by Puma where LaMelo explains the thought behind the Puma’s colorway of MB.01. The “Be You” series will carry on the authenticity and quality of LaMelo Ball. These shoes are great in terms of looks and high-quality assured.

Earlier in 2022, Puma launched new colors of LaMelo shoes. Now they are including UFO, Be You, Rick and Morty, Queen City, Galaxy, and Team Colors. The company wants to widen its collaboration, and the makeover of the silhouette “Iridescent Dreams” will soon be launched in the market. It will be sleek and black with an elegant design that will offer the shoe a game-ready look.

Where to buy LaMelo Ball shoes?

People can buy LaMelo Ball shoes from all leading online shopping apps. They can also book it from Puma’s e-commerce site.

How much is LaMelo Ball Shoes?

All the colors of Puma MB.01 were sold out like hotcakes. The “Be You” series can be booked at Puma’s official site, and the price of the shoes will be $125. But the price range is for a limited time period. If the basketball sneaker lovers miss the chance, they will need to pay more for the shoes later.

When do LaMelo Ball shoes drop?

The price of LaMelo Ball Puma MB.01. is expected to drop on 29th July 2022. Fans can avail of the discount on the online stores of Puma with some selected shops.


It is a little upsetting that Puma MB.01 will no longer be available in the market. But the new series “Be You” will follow all of the features of MB.01. and will offer more vibrant colors. So, it will be exciting to see whether the new LaMelo Ball shoes series can beat MB.01 in popularity.