Mac or PC: Which one is better for Remote Work?

The computer world has this long-term problem when purchasing inventory- the choice between Mac vs Windows PC. Traditionally, Windows computers were the only desktop option. But the popularity of mac, especially in developed countries, is growing. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of using Mac PC and Windows PC for remote operation and how businesses.

Choosing Devices for Remote Working

Needless to say, businesses are still buying and using computers in general. When purchasing these devices, businesses should now consider the device’s ability to withstand the ‘remote operation’ – the new standard. Remote performance requirements differ from on-prem performance. Devices that operate outside of known networks, usage is highly monitored and problem solving should be done online. To simplify the decision-making process to choose between macOS computers and Windows 10 PCs, we have included macs vs windows pcs pros and cons to analyze what you can do to remotely control the wind.

Choose Mac When

1. You want the best hardware

Of course, every company wants to have the most reliable, durable, and durable hardware but with Windows 10, this depends a lot on the hardware you choose. The Mac is designed and integrated by Apple, which means that hardware and software are integrated together and you do not need to compare several hardware products offered by several manufacturers and compare them to the sides. Don’t just compare Mac repair models on Apple’s official website and buy.

2. Your work is mostly creative

For businesses that employ a lot of creative staff from graphic designers to UX engineers, video editors to filmmakers, Mac is one of the best alternatives. The combination of Mac hardware + software provides seamless design knowledge. Since people who work remotely do not have the space to store a large desk infrastructure, a compact Mac design is a better choice. Additionally, Apple software has built-in tools for writing, designing, video, and editing music and is provided in line with the device and does not require additional purchasing costs.

3. Your employees use iPads and iPhones

Unlike Microsoft, Apple has its own list of iPhones and iPads that are best known for their excellent design, user experience and security. If your employees are already using iPhones or iPads, the Mac can be an appropriate addition to their environment program making connections and interactions between these devices seamlessly. Employees can use their Apple IDs to set up a personal mac or you can use Apple Business Manager to register the device, set up Apple MDM and publish the app remotely via VPP.

Choose Windows 10 When

1. You need economical hardware

Compared to iMacs and Macbooks, the total cost of ownership is lower for Windows 10 computers. If your business requires equipment purchases within a specified budget, Windows 10 makes the choice more obvious.

2. Your priority is familiarity

Business employees are diverse and very common, a combination of advanced and experienced employees. For businesses that have a large number of key employees, the computer learning curve should be short enough to make getting around the move easier. If so, do not look beyond Windows 10. To get used to working remotely on Windows 10 devices means short ride training and a few support calls.

3. You want to use the power of Office 365

Windows 10 Business PCs + Office 365+ Azure AD creates a rising myth combination to support remote performance. From simplifying airtime using Windows Autopilot to allowing disk volume encryption using BitLocker this combination makes remote delivery, monitoring and security much easier for IT teams.

Final Verdict:

There will be no winner in the discussion of Mac Vs Windows PC and businesses can use the above mentioned guidelines to reach a decision that suits their needs. To make it work remotely, it is important to choose the right MDM solution that ensures that Mac and Windows PC capabilities are fully utilized, security is not compromised and staff productivity grows. Scalefusion MDM provides remote operating solutions for Mac and company-owned Macs and Windows 10 desktops and laptops. Check out Scalefusion Windows 10 MDM and Scalefusion macOS MDM.