5 Essential Accessories You Need to Work Remotely

Work from home has become more popular than ever and if you plan to start working remotely, make sure you have all the necessary tools in your toolkit to get started. Your remote work arsenal must be proficient enough to handle everyday tasks; however, the tools you need depend on the type of work you do.

In this article, we will discuss the essential tools that you need to start your remote job efficiently. In addition to this, we will discuss how you can optimize your computer, smartphone, and other gadgets to make them highly responsive so that you can handle your daily work without any technical interruptions or glitches.

5G Laptop with Good RAM & Storage

5G tech momentum is driving the industry, and devices are no exception. With a 5G laptop, you can have better control over security settings. The intensity of security threats decreases when you try to access the internet via public WiFi.

Hackers sometimes spoof the WiFinetwork in a familiar location and capture data that travels through that connection; this is less likely to happen if you have a 5G connectivity. Lenovo, HP, and Dell are the largest manufacturers of 5G laptops.

Whether you are working as a graphics designer or a programmer, storage and RAM are two significant hardware specifications you must consider before buying a laptop. Having an 8 GB of RAM with at least 500GB SSD is recommended; regular disk cleanup will help optimize space.

Smartphone & Dock

Though many work-from-home employees rely upon online desktop apps to communicate with their colleagues and managers, smartphones are still the key device to stay connected. Mobile phones are also required to attend online meetings as they are more convenient.

Messaging via online apps is a seamless way to interact with colleagues; it is sometimes time-taking. You may also use your smartphone as a webcam for better video quality and resolution if you have a patchy WiFi connection.

With better WiFi signals, smartphones offer you a clearer voice and clarity than laptops. A smartphone dock will help you keep your phone upright with a screen facing you. This way, you will not miss out on important notifications and alerts.

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Get a multi-device BlueTooth keyboard such as Logitech’s K380 for an excellent typing experience. The compact design keyboard comes with highly responsive keys that make typing fun. If you are a writer or a programmer, having a wireless keyboard is worth it.

Apart from a keyboard, you would need a BlueTooth mouse with a higher DPI for more responsiveness. Having wireless peripherals gives you the ease of using the computer quite efficiently while preventing you from the cable management chores.

With wired peripherals, you have to organize the wires and cables running all over your work desk, which is quite annoying. A wireless keyboard and mouse give you the flexibility to operate the computer from a little distant location, such as sitting on the bed.

Laptop Stand or Monitor Riser

If you are using a laptop for remote work, installing a stand beneath your device will prevent overheating. Another advantage is that laptop stands add some height to the device bringing the screen to your eye level.

When using a desktop computer, you can use a monitor riser for a more convenient experience. The monitor risers also help you make additional space on your work desk based on the model you have purchased.

Laptop stands and monitor risers come in different colors, styles, and materials. Make sure to purchase one after carefully analyzing the screen size you are going to use. The dimensions of the device and the stand or riser must be proportionate for a tight hold.

WiFi Router and Range Extender

Working from home means browsing the internet to find solutions to every single challenge you face while working. You will spend more time searching for the solutions as you may not have a team to help you out in most cases.

A high-speed WiFi router is a must-have tool for remote workers. Make sure to pick the best internet service provider in your area so that you never run out of signal while working on an important project or attending a meeting.

Another important accessory to have in your remote working arsenal is the WiFi range extender. The device ensures that you receive WiFi signals in every nook and corner of your house, and you can connect multiple extenders if you live in a spacious house.

3 Quick Tips to Boost Your Work from Home Productivity

Let’s have a look at some quick ways to optimize your remote work toolkit, including computer, keyboard, mouse, WiFi routers, and other devices.

  • Free up your computer’s hard drive regularly by removing the duplicates, unnecessary apps, redundant files, and cache.
  • Clean your keyboard and other peripherals with cleaning gel to prevent dust accumulation as it affects functioning in the long run.