All You Want to Know About Bubble Mailers

The pandemic has altered many aspects of human existence, from how we purchase necessities and how we give out gifts on special occasions, right? Nowadays, we tend to do the majority of our transactions online, such as purchasing needs, but how can we ensure that they are secure? In this article, we’ll discuss a very popular shipping material bubble mailers. If you’re one of those related to shipping items or in shipping business, read on to know more details! 

What Are Bubble Mailers?

Bubble mailers, also known as padded mailers, are special envelopes that are padded because they are used to mail fragile items such as glass, ceramics, and anything that could easily break off. These bubble mailers are typically yellow or what is known as a manila envelope. The inside is lined with bubble wrap to safeguard the package’s safety.

Most items today are shipped in bubble mailers to ensure that they are protected throughout the shipping process until they arrive at their destination. As a result, bubble mailers have become indispensable when it comes to sending things, particularly those too far regions.

How Does a Bubble Mailer Protect Packages?

During the shipping process, your box is likely to be bumped, stacked, and even dropped at times. That is why a bubble mailer is essential since it protects the parcel, particularly the fragile ones, during travel. The bubble wrap inside the bubble mailer surrounds and protects the inside item, while the air-filled cushion acts as a barrier in the event of a fall or throw. Basically, more protection is offered if the air bubbles were larger at the time of shipment.

What Things You Should Look for When Choosing to Ship by Bubble Mailers?

Choosing the correct bubble mailer is as crucial as selecting your valuable item because it determines whether or not you will be satisfied with the outcome, so here are some important factors to consider while selecting a bubble mailer:


Bubble mailers, like any other item, exist in several sizes, with each size designed for a certain valued item you are mailing. The width typically spans from 4 to 20 inches and the length from 6 to 39 inches. If you are mailing precious items such as jewels, CDs, small electronics, and other small objects, it is preferable to use a small bubble mailer to ensure that your item does not take up too much space on the inside. If you are mailing products such as art or photography supplies, you should choose a larger bubble mailer.


Aside from the item’s safety, one of the most important considerations while shipping is security. Taping is a traditional approach, but you can save time and money by using bubble mailers that already have the peel and seal bubble wrap in them. It eliminates the need for packaging tape and makes it easier to seal envelopes. Aside from that, it provides additional protection throughout the shipment procedure.


Bubble mailers can be built of a variety of materials, including paper on the exterior and bubble wrap on the inside, depending on the reason for delivering it and the item it will contain. If you are sending something fragile, it may require water tightness to ensure its protection during transportation; in such cases, it is advisable to use an air cushion polypropylene material.

Metallic bubble mailers are a terrific alternative for sending out gifts since they have a really vibrant and colorful exterior that is ideal for adding a bit of individuality. Plastic bubble mailers are a wonderful alternative if you want something lightweight but robust.

In a Nutshell

Overall, bubble mailers are intended to safeguard your valuables while shipping; aside from preventing breakage, they also play an important role in assuring the safety of your item against theft. Try those bubble mailers for your online orders next time to enjoy all of their benefits.