Android phones over the recent years have become the backbone of digital devices. Everyone loves to have cellphones and tablet devices connected to the internet. Thousands of people do search on the internet to find out the best android spy app. It is a tough job to find out the best cell phone spying software. The bombardment of monitoring applications on the web has made it difficult for people to get the best software to monitor cell phone devices.

Do you know? Why do people want to get phone spy for android? Well, there are plenty of reasons behind it that you need to know. Parents and business professionals are desperate to have monitoring apps for mobile phones. Why do parents and employers want to spy on android? There are the following reasons that force parents and employers to have the best cell phone spy at their disposal.

Digital parenting to protect kids online

Young kids have an obsession with mobile devices, and they want internet access 24/7.   Mobile phones and cyberspace have come up with dozens of issues for kids. Young teens use cell phones for plenty of inappropriate, dangerous, risky, and internet with plenty of vulnerabilities online. Parents want to track surrounds, and capture live screen of kid’s phones. You can read the following things that force parents to get their hands on the best mobile spy software for android.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Online dating
  • Social media challenges
  • Hookups
  • Sexting
  • Obscenity

So, parents want to monitor cell phone devices of teens and children and they want to get best phone spy app for android. Parents can use the monitoring application to protect kids from potential risks.

Employee monitoring to monitor business devices

Business professionals want to keep a hidden eye on employees during working hours. They want to know every move of the workers on business phones and PCs. Employers want to measure the productivity of the employees, and they use phone monitoring software. Employers use apps that can spy on mobiles to record and listen to calls and read messages. They also want to monitor the GPS location of employees and want to capture keystrokes. You can read the following and get to know why employers want to track android.

  • Protect business data
  • Measure productivity
  • Monitor communication
  • Track live GPS location
  • Crack passwords & monitor emails

To prevent cheating on them in a relationship

Spouses also want to get their hands on the best phone spy app for android to monitor social networks and read sent and received messages. They want to catch cheating partners by tracking their mobile devices. Spouses can use the best android spy to monitor cheating partners and track their whereabouts, location history, and many more.

How to get best phone spy?

You can get your hands on the best phone spy app for android without facing hassles. You need to visit the official webpage of android spy software powered by TheOneSpy. It is a brand that offers multiple spy solutions to monitor mobile phones, PCs, and computers running with android, mac, and windows operating systems. You need to perform following steps to get your hands on the best mobile spy software in the business these days.

Step1: Subscribe to TheOneSpy android monitoring app

You need to visit the webpage of the android tracking app and get the subscription and check your email account and get credentials.

Step2: Get physical access to your target device

You have to have physical possession on the phone and start the installation process and activate it on the mobile device.

Step3: Access the dashboard and use the following features

Users need to use the credentials and activate the online dashboard and use the following features.

Most powerful features of mobile monitoring app

Here are the features you can activate on the target device using best spying software online dashboard.

  • Live screen recording
  • Social media spy
  • Screenshots
  • Password chaser
  • Lock unlock phone
  • GPS location tracking
  • Call recording
  • Surround recording
  • Browsing history
  • Filter websites


TheOneSpy is the best phone spy app for android that empowers you to set parental control on kids online. Users can monitor employees for business safety, and worried spouses can track their significant other cellphone.

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