How Can Influencer Marketing Increase Sales of Your E-commerce Business?

Brands are heavily investing in influencer marketing!

Influencers are all over social media. They have the power to lure followers and promote brands. 9 out of 10 marketers believe that endorsing products through influencers is beneficial for brands. 

The influencer marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace. It is expected to cross $15 billion by 2022

What makes influencer marketing a powerful marketing tool for brands?

Brands capitalize on the audience built by the influencers to promote their products. Influencers use their persuasion skills and create natural content to convince their followers to follow brands and buy products. Brands achieve product advertising to a target audience to get conversions and sales. 

How can influencer marketing increase sales of your e-commerce business?

Word of mouth referral counts when a customer purchases a product. 8 out of 10 consumers buy a product after seeing their influencer brand recommendation. No doubt, influencer marketing is a powerful referral tool to influence users to buy a recommended product. 

Influencers have the power to reach millions. Brands collaborate with social influencers to trigger conversations on the product and get visitors to the e-commerce website.

Let us see how influencer marketing increases sales of the brand’s e-commerce business.    

1.       Increase in brand awareness

Brands use influencer marketing to reach new audiences. Two-thirds of the brands use influencer marketing to increase brand awareness.

How do influencers help brands to increase their reach?

Traditional marketing methods involve billboards, pamphlet distribution, and ads in newspapers. For instance, an ad for shaving cream in the newspaper reaches all its subscribers. Is it the right way to reach the target audience? No, the traditional marketing methods do not help brands to reach their intended audience. 

But with influencer marketing, brands select influencers whose follower demographic matches with the brand’s core identity. Brands collaborate with young male influencers like stylists, fashion celebrities, or sportsmen to sell shaving cream. It increases the chances of reaching a young male audience. In the same way, a cosmetic startup hires female influencers known for beauty and fashion. Simple, the brands pay for the right influencers to increase reach and awareness.

2.       Increase in brand credibility

An influencer puts in a lot of effort to build an audience. A beauty influencer offers tips, gives genuine product reviews, and offers quick hacks to win over the audience. Slowly, the audience starts liking the content and follows them. Trust is built by creating content consistently and naturally.

When an influencer promotes a brand to their audience, their followers trust the content. Therefore, influencers are also very particular when it comes to brand endorsements. They select brands that go with their niche and which appeals to their audience. When influencers endorse products, it is but natural that it improves the brand credibility. The followers believe in the brand’s credibility because their influencer is promoting the product. 

3.       Increase in follower count

Reaching a new or targeted audience is one of the top objectives of influencer marketing. Through social media, the brands present their products in a more relatable way. From the product demo, its uses, benefits to customer reviews, giveaways, and discounts, brands utilize social media to the fullest extent to lure followers to their online store.

Influencer marketing is the best way to get more followers to a brand’s social media account. Hashtags and brand tagging help in generating content around the product. Influencers promote giveaways and discounts to increase the brand’s social media follower count.

An influencer gets leads and new followers to a brand’s social media profile. It is now the job of brands to keep the followers engaged. They have to proactively keep posting content to lure new followers into buying products from the e-commerce website.

4.       Increase in website traffic

One of the goals of influencer marketing is to get visitors to the website. When an influencer talks about the product and refers to the product page link, it is a direct promotion to get visitors to the e-commerce website. Here, the visitors do not guarantee conversions. They visit the online store because their influencer recommended it. Brands can take advantage of this by using the opt-ins or lead generation form. The website visitors can opt to receive newsletters, free guides, discount coupons, or post their query with their email id in the lead generation form. The brands can follow up using email promotions to get conversions.     

But it is good for brands to follow a step-by-step procedure in influencer marketing to get guaranteed conversion visitors to their e-commerce store. The first step is brand awareness. A casual mention or a shout-out by the influencer makes the followers aware of the product.

The next step is the product demo by the influencer. It helps the followers know about the product’s features and benefits. It increases curiosity and gets the followers to talk about the product.

It is followed by consistent brand advocacy through use-case content and vlogging to get the first-hand experience. The creators help to build a sense of community around the product and the brand.   

By now, the followers know the product in-out. They visit the e-commerce website to get more details of it. It is a structured format of influencer marketing to get audiences to the website to guarantee conversions. The audience visits the online store with an intention to buy the product.

But brands struggle to get the right influencers onboard. Also, designing effective campaigns becomes a challenging task. An influencer marketing platform serves both the purpose and helps brands to endorse products to the target audience through the right influencers.

5.       Increase in conversions

When influencers talk of the product to their audience, it is a trusted brand endorsement. The followers know that their influencer has tried and tested and believed in the product before endorsing it. The followers are ready to buy the product if recommended by their influencer. The followers visit the e-commerce website to look for the product. If satisfied, they go for the buy. For brands, this is the conversion they expect from influencer marketing.

Sales conversion may not be the top priority of brands when hiring influencers. But the bottom line is that brands finally target sales in the e-commerce business when they achieve the other influencer marketing objectives like increased brand awareness or follower count.

The influencer marketing platform is a one-stop shop for brands interested in conversions. It helps brands by designing influencer campaigns intended for e-commerce sales. 

Wrap Up

Influencer marketing has tremendous scope for brands to increase their e-commerce sales. The right influencer and a creative campaign set the ball rolling. Influencer marketing platform is here to serve the best for brands looking to achieve increased follower count and, by extension, more sales.

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