xResolver – How To Use and Its 9 Best Alternatives

It’s an incredible experience of being hacked while playing online games. But if you play online games, this can happen at any time. Playing online games sometimes offers accessibility of your confidential information to an undesired person, company, or site, which will cause DDoS attacks. Therefore, it is best to remain conscious regarding the protection of your passwords while playing online games, as many hackers are waiting to breach your security. xResolver, and xResolver alternatives are such hackers.

Nevertheless, one can prevent the hackers or be trapped by x Resolver using some methods, and in this blog, we will discuss what xResolvers isand how you can stop DDoS attacks. Let’s get started:

What is xResolver?

Xresolver Dashboard

xResolver is a database facility that contains the users’ Gamertags and IP addresses playing games on Xbox, play station, and personal computers. The data attached to the site is legal because it is available on the public forum, but it can cause issues for regular online gamers.

Other than that, xResolver offers a service to the users. The players get the opportunity to pay a fee to have their IP address removed from the register permanently. But it is better not to accept this opportunity.

Steps to use xResolver

You can remove yourself from xResolver by removing your gamer tag, username, and IP addresses to prevent yourself from appearing on xresolver database in future. This way, you can also stop cyber-attack and secure your online presence.

You need to follow some extra blocklisting steps to secure yourself from another IP puller. The steps are:

  • Engage a VPN to guard your actual IP address
  • Get connected with your ISP to alter your IP address
  • Don’t accept any requests from unknown people. It will increase the security of your IP.
  • Xbox resolver will help you to dismantle your current IP address. It would be best to type xResolver Xbox, or Xbox resolve, xboxresolver gamer tag to dump the IP address. Xbox IP puller can also be beneficial in this case.
  • xResolver PS4/PS5/PSN can also help in blacklisting yourself from x Resolver

How do I change my IP address so as not to get caught by xResolver?

It is easy to alter the IP address of your computers or laptops, but it isn’t easy to manually change the public IP address. DHCP, an internet service provider, creates public IP addresses, and the users can request them to alter their IP address to protect themselves from the hackers and x resolver.

Here are some tips to change IP addresses manually on several platforms.


  • Visit the system preferences and select network
  • Select network connection, configure IPv4
  • Now click on Manually and type IP


  • Go to the settings menu, check the Wi-Fi network connection
  • Select Configure IP under the IPv4 address part
  • Now type in your IP address manually


Ensure that you are logging from your administrator account

  • Select search, and then click on the control panel
  • Select Network connection and then click on your local connection site
  • Next select properties, then TCP/IP
  • Now enter your IP address manually


  • Go to settings and check connections. Ensure that Wi-Fi is connected
  • Now select the presently connected network
  • Click on the gear-shaped icon. This icon is on the right side of the Network. It will show the IP address.
  • Now move to the bottom tab and select advanced, then IP settings
  • Click on static and type the IP address

If the strategies mentioned above fail to change your IP address, then there are some other ways:

Proxy Server

The proxy server is a free and convenient method to protect IP addresses. With the help of a proxy server, your log-in pass through an intermediate server, your IP address isn’t displayed, and the IP puller Xbox will find the intermediate servers.

But the proxy server is not safe as it is not encrypted, and anyone can check your traffic quickly.

Virtual Private Networks

VPNs are always recommended to hide your IP address from resolvers while surfing the internet or playing games. But it is suggested that you constantly invest in a quality VPN.

Best Alternatives

Here are some best xResolver alternatives:

  • xResolver com
  • xResolver Xbox
  • Xbox IP
  • IP puller Xbox one
  • Xboxonebooter
  • LANC PCPS Search
  • PS4 booter
  • Just gaming.io
  • Bootpeopleoffline

Is xResolver safe?

There are more than twenty million entries, so IP grabbers have a high chance of being caught. The website service of xResolver is under controversy, but this website is legal to view the personal information of online users. It depends on the users how safely they can handle their personal data. If they follow the instructions, they can safeguard their IP address from xResolver.


What is the way to boot using xResolver?

A: If users want to boot using xResolver they should install a freebooter at first. After installing it, you need to enter your IP address and booting choice. Now the users can set the time so that others can’t create any disturbances. After that, you need to tap on the DDos bar, and it will offer you the message that your booting has been done successfully.

Is xResolver legal?

A: The availability of your IP publicly is not illegal because it is public info. But xResolvers use the users’ IP negatively, which is not legal.

Is it possible to come out of xResolver?

A: If users want to remove themselves from xResolvers, they can do it without difficulty. They need to select the blocklist or data removal option and press deletes to remove themselves from their database.

How can the users pull IP on Xbox and PlayStation?

A: Pulling IP addresses from PlayStation or Xbox is easy. The users need to use the website of their database, and IPs will be resolved quickly. But users can install IP sniffers such as LANC PCPS to remove and decrypt user ids.

Why are hackers a matter of concern at the time of playing online games?A: Hackers are a matter of concern while playing online games. But this issue can be easily fixed if users remain careful while playing online games. Avoid playing in the public session, playing secretly with strangers, and selecting unknown links. Always remain doubtful of strangers and unknown links.