Best Finance Management Software to Look Out for

Financial management includes organizing, planning, budgeting, financial reporting, forecasting, and wisely managing an enterprise’s funds in order to maximize earnings.

Individuals can also engage in financial management by creating budgets for future needs and savings, organizing their spending, and making planned investments. 

Financial Management Software is offered to make financial management simpler, more transparent, accurate, cost-effective, and lucrative.

You can download the best finance management software tools for your firm from It may not have a huge collection of free software tools, but if you choose a piece of software that is well-known, you may get it right here.

So, let’s start: 

Zoho’s Finance

Accounting, inventory, invoicing, cost management, and tax compliance are all available in Zoho’s finance suite.

The software includes scalable, adaptable, and secure apps that can take care of your overall financial aspects.

The granular user roles restrict access depending on your requirements, and you may fine-tune them to the minute details.

Future Advisor

Future Advisor is one of the greatest financial management systems available. 

It helps you make intelligent investments by providing professional advice and assisting you in creating digital portfolios. You may log in to your account at any time. 

When you need money, the system sells part of your assets to provide you with cash while ensuring that the rest of your holdings are appropriately diversified. 


QuickBooks is a popular financial management software for SMEs. 

It assists you with invoicing, bank reconciliation, payroll, expense tracking, and advanced reporting.  

This software may not be user-friendly, but its list of strong features provides a compelling justification for why you should use this software in your business. 


Xero is cloud-based accounting software that allows you to produce professional recurring invoices as well as reconcile bank and credit card transactions. 

It also aids organizations in the handling of buy and sales orders, contracts, payroll, and inventories.

Xero is a simple and lightweight accounting software.


Kissflow is one such software that is supposed to help you in establishing a strict financial management solution for all your problems. 

Finance process automation will be much simpler with semi-automated operations, and standard approvals.

Kissflow is unique in that its visual interface allows you to customize the apps to meet your specific needs. 

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a web-based financial management program that helps you manage all of your accounts and enhance your savings.

It keeps you updated on how much net money you have after paying your expenses on a regular basis. 

Money Dashboard is a highly rated money management solution available as an Android or iPhone/iPad application. 

Oracle Financials Cloud

Oracle Financials Cloud is an ERP solution that is entirely cloud-based. 

It’s a scalable, comprehensive, and integrated financial ecosystem. While it is on the pricey side, it may be a suitable fit for businesses looking for greater control and scalability.

Give Oracle a try if your finance operations require a lot of approvals and repetitive activities.


Mint is a free financial management system and the most downloaded personal finance software. 

It helps you refine your spending habits, reminds you to pay your bills on time, and gives you specific insights into your credit flow so you can spend and save wisely. 

Mint is the most popular free money management software with overwhelmingly good user evaluations, making it a highly recommended program. 

Sage Intacct

Many SMEs use financial management apps from Sage Intact’s suite to handle their cash management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and order management. 

You can also keep them connected with other software that your firm uses such as payroll, CRM, and POS systems, thanks to their open API framework.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a financial management program that aids you in controlling your cash flow, wealth, and budgeting so that you may prepare for your retirement using the software’s personal techniques. 

Personal Capital is highly recommended by large businesses and investors that want skilled financial management and planning help.

Final Takeaway

We have enlisted some of the best finance management software tools in this article that can help you grow your business and manage your finance accordingly.

Once you find out which one or two of these tools will work the best for you, download their paid version, and enjoy their features.