Spay India – Latest Payment Service in 2022

There has been a considerable amount of growth in the field of online transaction over the decade. Purchasing goods, Bagged packaged goods, transferring amount, paying bills and many more such activities takes seconds to get completed and to facilitate this functioning there are numerous apps for users. But choosing the correct app for doing such tasks is very necessary in terms of security. SpayIndia is there to help you with the same. Read more for knowing the services offered and spay India registration process on spayIndia app below.

What is Spay India?

Spay India Home Page

SpayIndia is a Noida based business application launched by Nikhilesh Tiwari, who aimed at providing an interface for online service like Bill Payment, Money Transfer, Mobile recharges, AEPS Transfer with more security to all those who either have a bank account or not. It is a hub for other financial services also by offering high incentives to the registered agents and merchants on the application.

The motto of the application is easily interpreted by the tagline of the business which is translated as “It is safe, It is easy and Trust is our identity”. The application is built to reach every community from every region so that it can be easy for the citizens of India to perform online transactions without creating a bank account.

Not only this, but spayindia also serves the people who are interested in becoming a retailer or distributor to grow their business by becoming an agent on this application. The registration is on SpayIndia com is very easy and after the registration the agent gets high incentive per transaction.

Service Provided by SpayIndia

SpayIndia offers different services for the users but the most interesting service offered by SpayIndia phone App is the AEPS Transfer. AEPS means Aadhar Enabled Payment System which uses your UID for the transactions which is linked to your bank account.  On the SpayIndia application you can find the below mentioned options for the services.

  • Online Money Transfer- It has 3 options Tatkal, Quick Pay, and Instant transfer depending upon the requirement.
  • Recharge- It also has 3 options DTH Recharge, Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Recharge.
  • Bookings- It has 2 options Bookings for Travel in Flight or Bus Ticket Bookings.
  • Bill Payments- It includes various options like electricity bill payment, gas payment, etc.
  • Insurance- It provides options for premium payments of the insurance policies too.
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System– It has two options Cash withdrawal and Balance enquiry.
  • Wallet Transfer- It also has a separate option for sending money from wallet to another wallet.

Once can also request for the invoice of the transactions made and can also look for money requests and pending requests from the menu. The above mentioned services also provide great cashback offers to the users.

SpayIndia has increased its area by launching products also like Micro-ATM which helps the transaction using AEPS on local Kirana stores for a secure money payment.  It has also launched a POS device which allows transactions using a debit card, credit card or UPI.

The GST charges for transactions are also very low for the merchant and the buyer. The merchant can pay for the POS device monthly for Rs. 650 or annually for Rs. 7000. And it also benefits the merchant with 18% extra income per transaction.

SpayIndia Agents Fee

SPay India works on business to business model of working so it allows people to run their business by becoming a SPay India Agent. SPay agents are those who are registered with SPayIndia App either as a retailer or a distributor. There are different fees for different agents on SPay-India com.

  • Master Distributor- The master distributor is the one who can provide goods in wholesale to the sub distributors in different regions and earning high incentives for that. For becoming a master distributor, one has to pay Rs. 50,000 as registration fees.
  • Distributor- These are the sub-distributors and come under the master distributor, they purchase products in wholesale rate and then distribute to the retailers region wise. For becoming a distributor the registration fees is Rs. 5,000.
  • Retailer- The retailers sell the products in retailing rate after purchasing stock of products from the distributors. For the retailers the registration fee is Rs. 500.

How to register on Spay India?

The process of registration requires the downloading of the app first. So you can download the application from Google Play Store directly. The process for registering as an agent is slightly different. Both the processes are mentioned below separately.

Registration as a User

For becoming a user of Spay India app, you have to download the app from Play Store.

  • After installation of the app open it and add your phone number, user name and password.
  • When all the details are entered click on submit button and you’ll receive an OTP, which you have to use for verification.
  • Once you’ve verified your account you can log in SpayIndia login page.

Registration as an agent

For registering as an agent you have to first go to the official webpage of SpayIndia.

  • After that you’ve to click on Contact us option which will open a form in front of you. The form will consists of columns related to your basic details like Name, Email, Phone Number, and message that ask you why you want to join Spay India app as a distributor or retailer.  
  • After filling out the form the agents from SpayIndia app will send an email for registration and call within 24 hours to discuss your business and plans for the same. Then they’ll verify your details and explain you all the terms & conditions, benefits and the SpayIndia registration fee.
  • After your confirmation they will ask you for an appropriate username and password so that you can start using SpayIndia App services.
  • After your successful registration you can log on to the application with the help of your username and password.

Spay India Contact Details

Spay India website:


Customer Care No: +91 9250072500 and +011 40612650

Corporate Office Address: 1st Floor, H-87, Sector 63 Rd, H Block, Sector 62, Noida,Uttar Pradesh 201301


SpayIndia is a Fintech company which offers the transactions with safety and security online to its users. It has tried reaching the underserved sections of the society as well for better efficiency of the finance sector. And thus it has gained the trust of its users by enabling a transparent transaction with utmost security and easy to use interface. You can definitely register with this app after reading the article, hope it helped.