Pocket Tv App – Watch Free Movies on Your Mobile

Are you planning to watch a movie this weekend but don’t know where to watch from? Then we’re here to help you with that. The Pocket Tv apk is worth downloading if you’re a fan of the entertainment industry too.

What is Pocket TV App?

Pocket Tv app is that application which enables its users to stream the content online from different entertainment industries like Hollywood, Korean, Bollywood, Tollywood, etc, without costing you a penny. PocketTv apk provides you the best quality interface with a variety of Movies, Web series and Live TV Channels too which can instantly excite your weekend plans. 

The app has a very attractive user interface along with smooth functioning. It occupies a very small fraction of space in your device.  It is like a mini television which you can even carry on your trips! The app is available on Google play store and completely legal to use. The app can be downloaded by searching pocket tv-apk download on google too. It does not even ask its user to register or subscribe to stream any movie. Pockettv apk allows you to search your favourite movie from the search bar that’s provided at the top of the application.

pocket tv app
pocket tv app

Pocket Tv apk uploads the finest content with the HD quality of picture and sound. The application comes with a built in player which helps you to access the content within seconds without any hassle. The Pocket Tv application has a vast database of videos of different genres such as thriller, action, romance, horror, fantasy, crime, adventure, comedy, drama etc. This application is suitable for all generations as it has child friendly shows too. The application has an organised menu of content to browse the videos thus allowing its users to explore every kind of movies instantly. 

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Pocket TV Top Features

Customised Movie Lists

Pocket Tv app also has a very unique feature of auto recommendation which follows an algorithm to create a curated list of movies and shows based on your history of viewing content. It also provides the feature of user suggestion where one can watch a movie suggested depending upon the number of views.  Pocket Tv apk also provides the facility to bookmark any movie or show if you wish to watch it later.

Wide Categories

One can also customize the Pocket-Tv apk based on their choice of movies and shows from the diverse categories like entertainment, fashion, cooking, film, drama, etc. The Pocket Tv apk provides you the latest Indian Tv shows running on different channels so that you can also watch live tv. With the help of PocketTv you share your screen with other large devices such as a LED TV or a smart Tv thus you can watch the videos on the big screen enabling you with the real feels of a high quality movie.


The pocket tv apk comes with a feature of subtitles too so that the user can watch the international content easily for getting a clear understanding of the picture. You can enable or disable the subtitles according to your choice. For providing you the best content the application also uploads the dubbed content in different languages for the users from different regions like hindi, tamil, telugu, etc. The dubbed movies can also be watched with subtitles for a better experience while streaming.

Separate Profiles

The greatest feature that this app provides is the profile creation for every member of the family from the same app which can help the user to hide the content that they watch from other members by locking their profile with a password. Therefore this app is very secure and safe for each of its user and does not even interfere with the personal data of the user. So you need not to fear about the privacy!

These were some of the best features of the Pocket-Tv apk. Now we’re listing the pros and cons of this app so that you can quickly decide whether to download or not.

Pocket Tv APK Pros

  • Huge variety of content from different regions.
  • Includes movies, web series with all the episodes and seasons, and live streaming channels.
  • Multiple audios for users from every region
  • Ad free environment
  • Low storage space
  • Faster loading of content because of strong servers.
  • Interactive functionality of the user interface along with ease of access.
  • Safe and ensures security of personal data.
  • Free of cost. Saves money and a good alternative to paid apps.
  • Good quality of picture and sound.

Pocket Tv APK Cons

  • Delay in latest content since it follows the legal way for uploading.
  • A little slow in installation
  • Search bar does not work properly sometimes.

By providing an ad free platform the pocket tv apk has been the best choice for all the entertainment fans and has received good reviews so far. With all the features provided the pocket-tv apk is worth a try!