5 Most Popular Places You Should Visit in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is one of the oldest cities in India. The city is beautiful, blended with unmatchable history, colourful culture and mesmerizing historical monuments with impressive architecture.

This beautiful city is not only limited to sightseeing. Tourists reach here to savour traditional mouth-watering cuisines such as Hyderabadi Briyani, Kebabs, etc. While following its culture, the city is nowhere less in offering a modern lifestyle. It is the perfect example of old tradition and modern lifestyle. From Charminar to Golconda Fort, it has several tourist attractions where you can visit to dig into the background of the city. Not even this, Hyderabad is considered one of the popular tourist places in Telangana (state), whose capital city is Hyderabad.

Are you planning a trip to Hyderabad or Telangana? Do you wonder what to include on your bucket list? We have sorted a few places to visit in Hyderabad to help you to prepare your itinerary. Look at the list, read about them and add the most suitable tourist attraction to your list. Thank us later!


The capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad, is significantly known for Charminar. It is one of the tourist spots in Hyderabad. Without mentioning Charminar, the list of the popular attractions list will be incomplete. So, let’s discuss this popular historical monument that you should not miss visiting on your Hydrabad trip.

AKA ‘Arc de Triomphe of the East’, Charminar is adorned for its beauty. It has four towers in each corner, each has four storeys and 48.7 height. This beautiful historical monument has a rich history and also has a mosque on the top floor, where 45 people can pray at one time. Muslims visit here to pray, especially on Friday.

The lighting of the building looks quite glamorous in the evening. Tourists reach Charminar, especially in the evening, to glimpse the beautiful building.

Golconda Fort

Golconda fort is situated 11 km away from the city. Built by Qutub Shahi kings, the fort has impressive architecture. It has majestic walls, eight gates and 87 bastions. Each wall is of 15-78 foot height and has a parameter of close to 11 km.

The one thing that shouldn’t be missed in the Golconda Fort is the ‘Night show’. It is a light &and sound show that uses Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan Voice. Golconda Fort has a rich history behind it. So, do not miss visiting here if you are keen to dig into the background of historical buildings.

Birla Mandir

Located at the height of 280 at the hillock of Kalapahad, Birla Mandir is the beautiful Mandir to visit. The name of the Mandir has derived from the famous industrialist Birlas, who have constructed the temples in a country’s different region.

The temple is unique and worth visiting. It took 2000 tons of Rajasthani white marble to build this stunning temple. The architecture of the temple is a blend of designs takentook from three major statestates temples, that is South Indian, Utkal Temple and Rajasthani.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narayana. The idol of God is placed around the lotus. It also has separate shrines for deities such as Venkateshwara, Padmavati and Andal. The temple also houses a separate place for Lord Buddha.

It is a huge temple, 11ft tall, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Jala Vihar

Apart from the historical monuments, Hyderabad also has thrilling amusement parks. As we have mentioned above, the city is a blend of traditional and modern life. Jala Vihar is the family entertainment park, a prime location to enjoy a weekend.

The park has a range of water activities that kids and adults can enjoy and make memories. Not just water, you can also have fun by playing games like Battery bikes, Superjets, Mini Trains, Mini Coarsely, Battery Cars, Mini Rainbow Wheel, Air Hockey, Bungy Trampoline, Basketball, Water Shooter, etc.

Jal Vihar houses several thrilling activities perfect for kids. It is a perfect palace for a family vacay with a complete package.

Purani Haveli

The name seems interesting, right? Yes, Purani Haveli is really too old, built in the 16th century, situated at the South East of Afzal Gunj Bridge near Dewandevdi. Built in the BritishBriish style, the haveli is worth visiting. It displays the Mir Mome, the Peshwa of Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah used to live.

The haveli presents a beautiful blend of traditional Indian courtyards and 18th-century European facades. The interior of the haveli is beautifully designed, decorated with antique furniture, the rooms are colourful, and the walls are tiled. You should visit here if you have a little interest in the history of India.

The list of tourist places in Hyderabad is not short. We have listed the major attractions with rich historical backgrounds and are worth visiting. If you have time and want to explore the city deeply, Gandipet Lake, Taj Falaknuma Palace, and Necklace Road are a few places you can visit with your family or friends.