Main Topics For Dissertation In Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance are the two main subjects of management studies. Both the subjects are quite interesting, But at the same time, both are having complex nature. Writing the basic assignments or homework on these subjects might sound easy. But any students choose Finance and Accounting for their higher studies. Some opt for Ph.D. which requires deep knowledge and understanding. Once you choose the subject to pursue your Ph.D., you have to stick to it. You have to study every bit of that in detail. In short, you have to become the master of that subject. An important part of a Ph.D. is a dissertation. It’s a type of thesis that aspirants need to submit while pursuing a Ph.D.

Choosing a suitable topic for a dissertation is a very challenging task for the students. While choosing a topic for a dissertation in Finance and accounting, be confident. Find a suitable topic that you are passionate about and can get finance assignment help. A topic that you can manage and write an excellent dissertation on. Remember, the topic you choose will decide your career path. There are many other things you need to consider while choosing a topic for your dissertation.

Today’s blog is all about, What is Dissertation, How to write a dissertation. Main topics for dissertation in Accounting and Finance. So, let’s begin today’s discussion with the definition of a Dissertation.


It is a type of thesis or a research project which you need to submit at the end of your Phd. It is also known as the final assignment of your Ph.D. degree. It is academic writing that allows students to research in detail about the topic they choose. They have to present various findings and research in the form of an original report. Dissertation related to accounting and finance is not all about profit and loss. You need to consider many more things while choosing the right topic for yourself. Take time before choosing the accurate topic for dissertation in accounting and finance.

Structure of a Dissertation

The length of the dissertation varies according to your study level. If you are writing a dissertation at the graduate level it varies around 10,000-12,000 words. For masters, it’s around 20,000-25,000 words. And for Ph.D., your thesis should be up to 50,000 words. Talking about the structure of the Dissertation, it contains several tables of contents. Some of the main points to keep in mind are:

  • Title Page: It contains the name of your research title. Your program name, institution name, and submission date.
  • Abstract: It gives the whole idea, what the dissertation is all about. It is a short summary of your thesis
  • Acknowledgments. Here you mention the names of the people who helped you in writing a dissertation.
  • Table of Contents: List of chapters with proper headings
  • Figures and Tables list if used any
  • Abbreviations list used in the dissertation
  • Introduction: An overview or a brief idea of the dissertation.
  • Review of Literature
  • Methodology: Approach of your research. Methods you used in collecting data from various sources.
  • Results: Outcomes gained at the end of the dissertation
  • Discussion: Discussing few points to understanding the meaning of the dissertation
  • Conclusion: Write the conclusion in such a way so that it leaves no question in the minds of the readers.
  • List of References: List of the sources from where you acquired data
  • Appendices

Some of the main topics for dissertation in Accounting and Finance.

  • Effect of Finance and Accounting on Businesses in modern times.
  • A detailed Study of Finance Accounting and its origin
  • Post Covid-19 impacts on the Financial Industry
  • Impact of Accounting on the economy of a developing nation
  • Detailed study of the relationship between CEO qualities and stock performance
  • Challenges faced by financial accounting and management accounting in private and public sectors.
  • Study of Financial Crisis and Liquidity Risk Management.
  • Comparison of Finance and Accounting in Ancient and Modern times.
  • How Financial Accounting Helps in making Business strategies.
  • Exploring the meaning of studying Finance and Accounting as two separate topics
  • A case study of Risk Management in an organization
  • How accounting helps in the decision-making process in large economic enterprises
  • A case study of Non-profit accounting. How it impacts the stability of a firm?
  • The role of Mathematics in Finance and Accounting
  • Comparison between the Accounting systems of India and the U.K (United Kingdom)
  • A quantitative study of the Tax system in your country.
  • Impact on interest rates in Finance and Accounting
  • Main factors to consider while investing in foreign markets
  • How shareholders impact the performance of a firm or business
  • How digital currencies impact Finance and Accounting
  • Key challenges faced by chartered accounts in MNC’s (Multinational corporations)

This is the list of some of the main topics for the dissertation in Accounting and Finance. There are plenty more topics you can choose for your thesis. It all depends on your interest and passion, how you are going to execute your dissertation.

I hope this blog proves helpful to you and it clears all your doubts about a dissertation in finance and accounting.