Job description of WAN engineer:

The WAN engineer is responsible for creating and deploying large networks in local schools. The operator is responsible for the installation, configuration and operation of a long-term system on a computer and related software. The team will talk to the technology director about reviewing the network needs of the school system and plan for development and adaptation to existing infrastructure. Users identify and solve complex network problems on a large scale.

What does a WAN engineer do?

There are certain skills that many red engineers will have to work on. By reviewing the basics, we can reduce the typical skill of the person in the situation. We have found that many curricula include research skills, communication skills and multidisciplinary skills.


  • It creates and executes large networks, including servers, hubs, routers, workstations, and other external networks.
  • Configure and customize servers for email, internet and proxy services.
  • Install and configure all necessary communication equipment.
  • Operates and maintains large network, analyzes critical issues, monitors performance, and performs hardware and software updates as needed.
  • Installing or modifying installations of hardware, software and other computer software currently with network.
  • Participates in long-term and short-term technology plans.
  • It trains systems and architects to follow proper network maintenance procedures.
  • Maintains service files for network settings, operating systems and network hardware and software.
  • It helps to improve the training of the classroom and staff at home and the proper functioning of the extensive network.
  • Attend seminars, seminars, conferences and peer reviews to increase process and development knowledge related to the area’s extensive regional network.
  • Perform other related tasks as needed.

How to become a WAN engineer?

If you want to be a pale engineer one of the first things you need to consider is how much degree you need. We found that 65.6% of WAN engineers have a basic education. In terms of higher education, we found that 7.2% of WAN’s engineers have a master’s degree. Although most engineers have a college degree, they can only have a high school diploma or GED.

Choosing the right head is always important when researching as an engineer. After looking at the most common undergraduate courses, we find that they usually have a BA or Master’s degree. In the career of a pale engineer, we often come across a master’s degree or a degree as well.

Other experience and skills can help you become an engineer. Of course, most wan engineers need experience as a network engineer. Today, most wan engineers have first-hand experience as a chief engineer or webmaster.

Minimum training:

Professional Professor of Computer Science, combined with specialized computer science teaching with 3-5 years of experience in developing technical skills, or a combination of training and experience to provide the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities. Novell or Microsoft certification preferred.


You must be able to control various software and applications, including computers, diagnostics, technicians, computer software, computer applications, sharing tools, and more. It must be able to pump up to 10 kilograms of energy at a time and / or up to 5 kilograms of repetitive force and / or inability to move forward.

Letters, technical manuals, newspapers, professional newspapers, etc. requires reading ability. Required report, type, tutorial, operating system documentation, etc. can do. using the required method.

It requires the ability to apply the principles of logic or scientific thought to diagnose problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw correct conclusions; mathematical or diagrammatic description of various technical manuals.

Required KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS for WAN Engineer:

  • Strong knowledge of broadband and LAN architecture.
  • Strong knowledge of computer and related technologies.
  • Proper knowledge of the required equipment and components of a large regional network.
  • Proper knowledge of network performance systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of LAN systems and diagnostic tools.
  • Can oversee the technical support team.
  • Effective communication skills at all levels of the technical team.

How Much Money Does a Wan Engineer Make?

Wan engineer median salary was $ 68,961 on October 29, 2021, but his median salary was between $ 61,468 and $ 83,569. Salaries can vary according to a number of important factors, including education, skills, other skills and the number of employees. Because more online payment information is available than any other site, can help you determine your payment plans.

WAN engineering career Path:

In addition to changing your job search, it can also be helpful to analyze your workflow. What kind of career do you want now? Well, it’s almost like a map that shows you how to move from one position to another. Our approach is a detailed description of wage changes. For example, if you started as the best network engineer, you could continue to work as the most advanced system engineer. When you are done, you can name the software manager.