Embed Instagram Widget On Website: A Quick Start Guide

With 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram surely has made a firm place in the world of social media platforms. Starting from being just a simple photo-sharing app, it has now become a major hub of marketing today.

This huge number of users has attracted many brands to associate themselves with it. They seek it as an important platform to promote their products and services. If you’re a brand and are looking for a way to increase the sales and engagement on your website along with a list of huge benefits, then embedding an Instagram widget can help you through.

You must be wondering that embedding an Instagram widget on your website must be a technical task right? But what if we tell you that you can easily do that without any coding! Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional. Embedding an Instagram feed is super easy.

Wondering how? Don’t worry. You have landed at the right place. This blog will give you a complete guide on how to embed the Instagram widget to your website. In the later part of this blog, you will also get the knowledge of some of the best tools and benefits of doing the same.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Complete Process To Embed Instagram Widget On Your Website

Follow the steps below to know the complete process to embed the Instagram widget on a website.

Create An Account

Create an account on any social media aggregator that goes well with your website’s needs. If you already have an account, simply log in and get started.

Once you have logged in to the account, a pop-up window will appear. Click on the let’s get started option to start the embedding process.

Choose The Source

The next step is to choose the source whose content you wish to embed. From a variety of social media, platforms select Instagram as your source.

Connect Your Instagram Account

Once you select the sources platform to fetch the content you want, a pop-up will appear to connect your Instagram account. Click on connect Instagram account. If you have several accounts, then the system will display all of them.

Select Your Source Type

Using a social media aggregator is a great help in fetching content from a variety of source types.

You can select the content you want to embed from a pool of source types be it hashtags, mentions, account handles, etc.

For instance, if you choose hashtags, then you will be required to enter the required hashtag. After choosing the source type, you will be redirected to the next screen where you can have a look at the posts the social media aggregator has fetched for you.

Design And Personalize

Here comes the fun part of the entire embedding process. Social media aggregators provide a pool of creative personalization and design features.

For instance, they provide a variety of theme catalogs, custom designs, fonts, colors and so much more. They offer a moderation panel and analytics tool as well.

Now, you can easily design and customize the widget as per your wish.

Create The Instagram Widget 

To proceed, click on the create widget option. Once you click on this, you will land on the final screen of the embedding process.

On the final screen, you can view the code that should be embedded on the website.

Copy And Paste The Code

Welcome to the last step of the embedding process. Simply copy the generated embed code to the clipboard and paste it at the backend of the website and voila, you’re done.

You can easily paste this embedded code on any website building platform be it Shopify, HTML, Weebly, Wix, or any other.

So this was the entire process to embed the Instagram widget on your website. Since now you have understood the process to embed, let us now quickly have a look at some of the best tools that you can use.

Tools To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

Below is a list of some of the best tools to embed the Instagram widget.

  • Taggbox
  • Tagembed
  • EmbedSocial
  • SmashBalloon
  • SnapWidget
  • Instush
  • Instagram Feed WD
  • Flockler
  • Yotpo

Use these tools to create an amazing Instagram widget on your website. Now let us have a look at the benefits of embedding the Instagram widget on the website.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Widget

From increasing the overall visual appeal to sales and conversions, it does it all. Below is the list of multiple benefits of embedding the Instagram widget on the website.

  • Increase the brand awareness
  • Shoots up the sales and conversions
  • Increases the dwell time
  • Enhances the visual appearance
  • Reduces the bounce rates
  • Magnifies the user engagement and traffic
  • Increases the confidence in the brand

These were some of the advantages of embedding an Instagram widget on a website. However, the list is never-ending.

Call For A Wrap Now!

Now you have come to the end of this blog. This blog covered almost all possible information you require to know the embedding process. Starting from the process to some of the best tools to embed to the benefits, it covered all.

Since now you have the complete knowledge to embed the Instagram widget on the website, what are you waiting for/ go and quickly embed it and see the wonders it does.