How to Choose the Perfect Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets have always been the most luxurious and royal piece of clothing in both men’s and women’s wear. Investing in a leather jacket is for a lifetime, and thus, the process of finding and choosing the perfect leather jacket can be exhausting, but definitely worth the hassle.

Unlike other apparels or goods, leather jackets require a prolonged research time that evaluates the quality and longevity of it. A high-quality and good leather jacket can literally last for a decade or even more, if taken good care of. A leather jacket can be expensive, definitely, but when it promises a lifetime of companionship, it doesn’t seem much, right?

If you have already started searching for the perfect leather jacket, then you must know how exhausting and tiring it is, to find the jacket that is perfect in every way. But, if you haven’t, and this is the first blog that you’ve come across, then you’re lucky, because we are going to make this journey way easier for you.

With all the options and choices that the internet and market has, you may get confused with where to begin, what to choose, what to buy and what to check. Well, luckily, we are here with a detailed guide that’ll help you in choosing the perfect leather jacket.

When looking for a leather jacket, there are many components that you need to keep in mind, for instance, the leather skin that you are looking for, the lining, the details, the style, the color and much more. But before anything else, the question is, why are you even choosing a leather jacket? Well, let’s read ahead and find out.

Why a leather jacket?

Leather jackets are not some piece of clothing, it’s a statement that protects you, compliments you and ensures to be your companion for a lifetime. A leather jacket is a necessity that you need to own. Some of the core reasons of why you should get a leather jacket are:


A good and high quality leather jacket offers long-lasting durability, and can literally be your safe apparel for a decade or two. If you treat it well, it will surely outlive you. The leather jacket ensures to remain intact and embrace you with the same elegance and grace that it has been offering since day one.


There is no other material than leather that offers protection. A high quality motorcycle leather jacket can save you from bruises and scars that can be caused by a bad accident. The skin of the leather jacket, depending on what kind, can keep you warm and protected from rain water, dust and wind.


A leather jacket has a timeless and versatile design, that can go along with all kinds of outfits, and even all year around. Leather jackets have been trending since the 1900s, and they are still definitely the hottest and trending apparels of time.

How to choose the perfect leather jacket?

To choose the perfect leather jacket, here are some key points that you need to focus on and evaluate:

1.   Leather skin

The first thing to choose is what kind of leather skin do you want. This is the most crucial and critical step in choosing a leather jacket, because it decides the durability, warmth and almost everything that you are getting into. You have to decide what animal skin you are looking for. The choices that you’ll have are, cow skin, lamb skin, sheep skin, goatskin and calfskin. Every skin has different characteristics, such as, cowhide is known for its durability, toughness and strength, and is quite reasonable. Whereas, lambskin is very delicate, supple and soft, but is very expensive. Similarly, calf skin is way more expensive than lambskin, because of its durability and strength.

2.   Inner lining

Next comes the inner lining. The inner lining of a leather jacket adds weight and quality to the leather jacket, and ensures to embrace you with the perfect kind of fit that you’ve been looking for. Choosing the fabric for the inner lining of your leather jacket is very critical, because of a whole lot of options in the market. For instance, Bemberg lining is the most common yet the best option to go with. It is lightweight, breathable and very soft. You can go with quilted, plain or shearling lining, depending on your requirement and choice.

3.   Style

This is where you need to give a lot of thought. What style are you looking for? Well, there is a lot to choose from, let’s have a look. First, there are bomber jackets, the most popular ones and the most durable. Biker jackets have also been trending since decades, and are known for their slim fit style, with zippers, studs and hardware detailing. There are also café racer jackets, flight jackets, varsity jackets and many more.

4.   Fit

Oh, this is very important as well. Even if you get a high quality jacket, that is very expensive, classy and outstanding, but the fit isn’t perfect – you’re going to look bad wearing it; trust us. The perfect fit of your leather jacket is very important. With the right fit, you can have a nice shape, with classic cuts and edges. First of all, you need to make sure that the shoulder seams of your jacket are in line to your shoulders, don’t settle for too high or too low. Next, the armholes must be comfortably high. Then, the sleeves of your shoulder should either fall at the end of your wrist or on the base of your thumb, if none, then it’s a No. Lastly, the length of your leather jacket must be till the waistband of your pants.

5.   Color

The color. This is quite a matter of thought, because you wouldn’t want to go along with unique and sharp colors if you want something to wear every day at work, would you? The common and safest colors of leather jackets that you can have are black, brown, maroon or gray. But, if you are looking for something in particular, something chic and happening, then blue, red or any other color would work.


We believe that with the above-mentioned guide, you are now well aware of the factors that you need to focus on whilst choosing the perfect leather jacket. You can visit Yeezy Gap Black Jacket for guidance, as they have the best leather jackets collection, with all the basic questions answered. Choose the best of all, and look good bud!