How Stripe Become The Global Leader IN Fintech Sector

We all prefer to use a credit card and debit card for online and offline payment. Life becomes easier now because we don’t need to carry cash anymore with us. Earlier paying through the website was quite difficult to pay as it involves a few expenses. Moreover, nowadays we have found that everything is changed!

Stripe is a leading company in online payment. It is an American based software as a service and a financial service company. This company offers an application programming interface for e-commerce websites and mobile applications. It is a payment processing software and one of the best on the list of top 10 fintech companies in America.

Here, we’ve provided all the detailed guides on Stripe and how they become a global leader.

Stripe— Company Highlights

Company NameStripe
HeadquartersSan Fransico, California, United State
SectorSaas, Internet and software
FoundersPatric Collision And John Collision

Stripe— Company Overview

Stripe is one of the best fintech companies with dual headquarter in San Fransisco, United State and Dublin, Ireland. The company offer payment processing software and application programming interface for E-commerce website and mobile application.

Startups Story

In 2010, the Collision brothers started working on stripe together. During that time, Patrick was working on numerous side projects and they argued why it is so complex to accept fees online. Both brothers thought of solving the problem and finding the solution to make it simple. In the next six months, the collision brothers find the solution, showed it to their friends and find how did people interacting with this solution. Within two weeks of building the application, the collision brothers had their first transaction with a company named 280 North. The founder of stripe is the first customer and he became the first employee of Stripe.

Founder And Team

The founder of Stripe are Patrik Collision and John Collision. Both brothers are Irish entrepreneurs and billionaires. But Patrik collision is the CEO of Stripe. Patrick is the older brother and at the age of sixteen, he won the 41st Youngest Scientific and Technology Exhibition in 2005. John collision is the younger brother and co-founder of Stripe.

Business Model

They offer a secure, the fast and simple online transaction for businesses. Stripe is a payment software that can be integrated into mobile, applications and websites. Moreover, the company doesn’t charge a monthly fee and it is only available for the business.

Stripe offer fraud prevention and banking infrastructure to smooth payment over the web. They do not allow consumer payment information to pass from the vendor’s servers. The information is only available for Stripe. It proves that the information is secure and minimize the number of risks.

Revenue Model

The revenue model of Stripe is very simple. They earn from the fee they charge to customers. The fess is always based on the value of the payment. The revenue model of the company is stable since day one. The company got different packages on select products and charges 2.9 or 0.30% for every transaction. This is a fixed fee that is applied to every successful transaction made through their sites. For international transactions, the company charges 1% more which goes up to 3.9%.

Funding And Investor

Stripe have raised around $2.2 over the 18 rounds of funding that it received till date. The last funding round seen by the company came on 14 July 2021. Here’s a look at the major funding rounds that Stripe has seen throughout the years. Stripe is funded by 30+ investors, where there are 14 lead investors.


The aim of the company is to increase the GDP of the business. This company is growing through the relationship it made with its customers. During the covid-19, the company generated $1 billion in revenue and three months later the revenue was $9 billion.


Paypal, Square, and Adyen are the top competitors of Stripe.

  • PayPal is one of the top competitors of Stripe. The company is headquartered in San Jose and was founded in 1998. This is a public company and operates in the Fintech field.
  • Square is one of the top competitors of Stripe. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California USA. Square is also operated in the Fintech space.
  • Adyen is one of the top rivals of Stripe. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. This company operate in the Fintech Sector and was founded in 2006.

Future Plans

Currently, Stripe is planning to expand across Asia, including Japan, China, Southeast Asia and India. The company is towards boosting its staff by 40% in 2021.

Here in this post, we’ll provide all the relevant information about Stripe. How they become the global leader in the Fintech Sector. Stripe is one of the leading company that offers payment processing software to businesses.