A Secret Weapon for Vlone Shirts- Finally Unveiled!

Do you ever wonder why would anyone look at you?

What’s the charm, if no one is noticing right?

You need to be confident to be competitive right!

Then what is the secret weapon?

STYLE is the benchmark of YOUR PERSONALITY.

Your clothes speak before you speak.

The dressing is the first impression one gets from you. 

Your personality is what you wear. Style is what you choose for yourself only. We consider this as a secret weapon to use for our T-shirts. When you wear your style you are confident to conquer the world.

Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion.

 Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.

                                                                  (Ralph Lauren)

We measure these facts and we have designed our shirts that are not only high-quality products but are designed for your daily ‘wow look’.

Well, let’s unleash the journey of Vlone Shirts for you.

#1. Fabric Selection:

Contend with comfort: Ease up on yourself with these comforting pieces. 

The first consideration for this process is fabric selection. The fabric we choose is soft and durable. So that you feel relaxed in a cool way all day long. The absorbing capability is high to make it wearable in summers as well without being exhausted.

The breathability rate is moderate for the type of fabric we choose so that air speeds up the evaporation and is friendlier in summers to deal with sweating. If you are a person who sweats more than these Vlone shirts are go-to shirts for you.

All of the fabric is shrunk before going into the designing stage. We don’t want you to suffer from getting a shirt that does not fit you later on as we prefer quality. So, we make sure to shrink them before and then pass them on to the process and you know where to buy vlone.

#2.Designing and manufacturing the Vlone Shirts:

Contend with style: Get those casual dope insta-looks with these ravishing Vlone shirts

After fabric selection, we tend to design our shirts very critically. The prints, patterns, and those customized V looks on the tees are formed very diligently. Our team always thinks about the appropriate color selection, choosing a proper font, and considering the patterns for all body types. 

We use eco-friendly materials for our Vlone shirts. The ink used for impregnating the prints and different patterns is vegetable-based ink to minimize the environmental hazard and play our global-friendly part.

Stitching and manufacturing are an integral part. Our team focuses on the fitting so that you can get the perfect fit. Well, we provide a different range of sizes to avoid that box look. But you can get a loose one also if you prefer a cozy loose fit. It all depends on your preference of style.

Now, comes the bonus tip for you guys.

Are you out of budget and still want a new look?

You can get it without buying it. Yes, you read it right.

Vlone shirts are long-lasting so if you are done with the same look. You can change the color or DIY your shirt for yourself and it will not leave your hand in that exciting experiment as well. So, in that way you can get your personalized shirt using that same Vlone shirt.

Vlone shirts are basically for all. Teenage girls or office boys or even for your dad or mom. You can also give these trendy casual shirts to anyone to get that nice office look or even a casual dinner.

Do check our latest collection and get these amazing pieces for yourself and your loved ones.