Green Kinemaster Pro APK – Latest Social Media Video Editor 2022

It’s a modern world today that’s wants everything to be done at the same page with all the ease and speed. With the latest and growing technology all around it’s been very easy to do so. For each and every need of ours we have a lot many of software and applications. Today is an era of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, ect. Green Kinemaster Pro Apk has become a boon in this era for sure.

Social media platforms have turned out to be a great source of fun, knowledge and even allows the users to earn from their contents hence it has become a trend to share your videos on such platforms. So in this article we will learn about one of such application which not only allows the users to edit the videos but is also know to be the best of its kind app for all the video editing and making needs. The app we are talking about is “Green Kinemaster Pro Apk.”


Green Kinemaster pro apk is a professional mobile video editing app for android devices. This app allows the users and video editors to edit and remix their videos with a number of interesting tools and features. It allows the users to cut, slice or crop/trim their videos. Users can add sound, music and text etc. to the videos using this app. This app has many animation features to add and enhance your video quality. It is a quick and advance means for editing the videos.

Green Kinemaster pro apk download is a very popular and free to download android app among its users and many of the video editors for its flexible and user friendly interface. Green screen video download for kinemaster comes with amazing tools and features that helps its users to edit their videos very conveniently. Here are some easy to use great features of the app –

  • It has a speed control feature for the videos that helps the user to add slow and fast motion to the videos.
  • It comes with different text styles to add into subtitles in the videos.
  • It has a variety of sound effects for costuming the audios in videos.
  • It has great feature of reverse videos.
  • It has an inbuilt camera feature.
  • It has a 3d transition feature for the videos.
  • Users can add graphics to the videos by using its graphical theme option.
  • Users can edit the videos more accurately by using 4k editing tool.
  • Videos in this app can be created without watermarks.
  • It has special aspect ratio selection feature.
  • In this app videos can be created with and without the use of green screen.
  • This app has another special feature of multi-layering that allows the users to add many layers and special effects to enhance the quality of the video.
  • This app also allows you to directly share the edited videos on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagrm, Twitter, etc.

Green Kinemaster pro apk has many interesting tools and enriched features that makes it a great and popular app for video editing on the go as it is very quick and easy to use and supports many types audio and video formats. Supportive audio formats are MP3, M4A, ACCA etc. and video formats are MP4,MOV etc. This application also supports image formats such as JPEG, PNG, WebP etc. it also has many other exciting and valuable features to be used and that too for free.

How to download and install Green Kinemaster Pro Apk ?

Green Kinemaster Pro APK Specifications
Green Kinemaster Pro APK Specifications

You will only find the official kinemaster version on Google Play Store but for downloading green Kinemaster Pro apk you will find some free links on the internet. In order to get green kinemaster pro apk full unlocked free download, just go to the Google page and type the name of the application (Green Kinemaster Pro Apk). There you will find some interesting articles on this app along with the free download link for it. You can download the app directly from those links. After download the app follow these installation steps –

  • Open the folder where the app has been downloaded.
  • Tap on it for the installation.
  • When the installation process starts your phone would ask you to allow/grant permission to install the app.
  • For this you have to go to Settings> Security> Unknow Sources> Enable.
  • Now you can install and use the app.

Green Kinemaster Pro Apk Download FAQs

Who has developed Green Kinemaste Pro Apk?

This is a modified and advanced version of the original Kinemaste Diamond (developed by Kinemaster Corporation, South Korean software company) has been developed by a third part developer.

Does this app require green screen for the background?

This app contains green screen but you can remove the green screen background whenever you want.