Y2 Mate Youtube Video Downloader Updates 2023

Most of us have been uploading Youtube videos on our Whatsapp status after downloading them from a third party downloader! Y2mate youtube video downloader is one of the third party downloader which allows you to download videos from Youtube, Facebook and other apps like Instagram. You can download any public video for free from Y2 mate youtube video downloader. Sounds interesting right! But do you know that these downloaders are not safe? Yes you heard it right, these websites are not safe because they redirects you different pages which can infect your device with a virus attack.

What is Y2mate Youtube Video Downloader (Sometimes referred as Y2 Mate)

Y2 Mate, Y2Mate

Y2mate is an online platform for downloading videos or audios from different applications like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. It can also convert those videos into mp3 format by extracting the sound from the videos. It is a free youtube downloader and converts your videos in different formats without any cost. The website is user-friendly as it has a very clean interface, so that the user can quickly download the videos.

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How to download youtube videos from y2 mate?

Y2mate is a very simple website as it doesn’t have a complex design and the process of downloading the videos is effortless. Firstly you need to find the video which you want to download.

  • If it’s a youtube video then you’ll have to click on share button and then click on copy link button.
  • If it’s an Instagram video then you’ll have to click on the three dots on the top right corner of the post and click on link. The link will automatically get copied.

In this way you can copy links from different apps and then paste the link in the search bar and then click on the download button and it will get downloaded on its own. To find the correct website of Y2 mate youtube video downloader you can search for the following tags on Google:

y2mate com, y2 mate com, y2matecom, y2metacom, y2mate 2021, y 2 mate com, y2 mate, y2mate mp3, y2mate com 2021, y2mate com download, y2mate com download video, y2mate com downloader. These keywords will show you the correct website.

Y2mate Youtube Downloader Features

Y2 mate has very astounding features like a list of library of millions of videos. It has an option of searching from that library, so you can type the name of the video in search bar and it will show you all the relevant videos and you can select and download whichever you like. Or if you have the URL of the video you can paste that in the box and then download the video.

It has the feature of converting your mp4 videos in mp3 format without hampering the quality of the soundtrack. In this way you can have all your favourite music in your device offline so you’ll never have to worry about poor network!

Y2 mate youtube video downloader is compatible with every device and supports different OS versions too. And it allows converting and downloading video from more than 100 of websites and applications in different qualities like 4kHD, HD, Mp4, Mp3 etc.

Instagram Video Downloader App For Android

Y2mate video downloader is also available in application format from where you can download Instagram reels, IGTv videos or any kind of videos in fastest manner just by sharing the link of the video with Y2-mate app and you’ll have a different library created for these particular videos in your device. The Y2mate app has low storage space and gets installed quickly.

Download Twitter videos from Y2Mate

Twitter is an app filled with informative videos and trendy videos and if you like to follow the trend then you can too download those videos in your phone with Y2mate video downloader app easily. Just copy the link and paste it in the box and you’ll have your video.

Websites Like Y2mate Video Downloader

Y2mate is not the only website which provides this facility. There are numerous competitors of Y2mate youtube video downloader which will provide you the same facility without a penny like YT1s, savefrom.net, youtubedownloader.sh, freemake.com, videoder.com, etc. These website works in a similar fashion of pasting the link and downloading the video.

Is Y2mate safe to use?

Answers to the question, “Is Y2mate safe?” are both yes and not. Although Y2mate video downloader has no viruses, there are pop-ups and ads on the platform which could be of concern to users. These pop-ups and ads could lead users to unsafe websites.

Y2mate is an illegal website as it downloads the videos without permission from the owner. According to Youtube and other apps the videos are copyrighted by their owners and it’s not legal to download their videos without their permission. And if you do so then you’ll violate the laws and might have to pay some fine. And it also has lots of ad pop-ups which can invade your device with virus like Trojan horse and they might steal your personal data too.

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Alternatives to Y2mate

Since Y2 mate youtube video downloader is illegal and not safe for use so it’s better to go for a legal alternative. You can download songs on Wynk, JioSaavan, Spotify, Resso, etc after subscribing and you can save videos on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook for future. This way you’ll not contribute in piracy.