Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

The story of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry was a case that happened in 2007 but it is still an interesting matter among social media users. Social media users discuss the Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn murder case, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry Uncensored images, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry pictures, and Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry crime scene photos on social media platforms. In this article, we will try to provide some interesting information related to the case. Let’s begin with the individual introduction of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Who was Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel Kuhn was a boy of twelve and the neighbor of Daniel Patry. They became friends while participating in an online game and gradually they developed a relationship. Later Daniel Patry was charged as the murderer of Gabriel Kuhn.

It was charged that Daniel Patry raped and bit Gabriel mercilessly and twisted electrical cords around his neck to ensure his death. After Gabriel died Daniel tried to vanish the body and hid it in a hallway crawl space so that it won’t be found.

Gabriel Kuhn Suffered a lot before his death. Later police were successful to find his body. They did a postmortem and autopsy and confirmed that Gabriel was raped for more than one time and then murdered and Daniel Patry was the rapist and the murderer.

Who Daniel Patry Is:

Daniel Patry is a Brazilian. He was born in 1991, in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil. His full name is Daniel Philip Patry. There is not much information available regarding his early life, education, and family background. Daniel came to the limelight after he was detected as the murderer of Gabriel Kuhn.

Daniel was an aggressive child from his childhood. He was taken to psychologists and rehab for his nature. He used to bunk school and play online games, and it was the online game that had made him familiar with Gabriel.

Why does the case get so much attention?

After the case was discussed online in 2007 and Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry pics were aired people public was eager to know the real story. According to the police and media, Patry killed Gabriel because he owed twenty thousand digital currencies from him. Patry was short-tempered and confronted and argued about the matters he disliked.

Both Daniel and Gabriel were teens when the incident took place. Daniel Patry was sixteen years old when he did the heinous crime of murdering Gabriel Kuhn who was twelve years old. But the murder case became a sensation after the disclosure of the autopsy reports. On 25th December 2021 more information was revealed and it was clear that Gabriel was brutally tortured and suffered a lot before his death.

The intensity of the crime performed by a teenager shocked everyone on social media.

Crime Story of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry?

Sources claimed that Gabriel Kuhn requested a loan of twenty-thousand Tibia (online currency) from Daniel Patry. He promised to repay the currency to Daniel. After several requests, Daniel agreed to help Gabriel. Everything was right till here.

The problem occurred when Gabriel refused to repay the electronic currency to Daniel. Even he blocked Daniel and stopped connecting with him while playing the game. This neglect made Daniel fierce. He was so desperate that he called Gabriel’s mother to know when she would return home so that he could execute his plan.

Daniel then decided to meet Gabriel at his home. He told Gabriel that he wanted to fix their issues. Gabriel believed him and allowed him to enter without knowing his intentions. After entering the room Daniel closed the door to execute his plan. He started beating his friend.

Then he started harassing Gabriel; raped him, and twisted electrical cords around his neck. The pervert Daniel cut off Gabriel’s leg from his body to make it lighter and hid the body in a narrow place in the corridor.

What happened after the murder?

After killing Gabriel, Daniel concealed the body in a narrow passage of Gabriel’s house in the Corridors. He tried to hang up Gabriel with more cords but he couldn’t do so because it might be difficult for him to hide the body. Then he hid the body and left the house. Gabriel’s mom found his son died when she returned.

Gabriel’s mother was nervous. She called out for help. Her neighbors came and called the police.

The police started an investigation and found the fight scene between Gabriel and Daniel was captured by Gabriel’s computer. Daniel was arrested and kept in his house. He confessed his guilt but didn’t want to accept that he had raped Daniel.

What Was the Reaction of Daniel Patry’s Parents?

Daniel’s parents were nice people and they tried their best to make Daniel a decent guy. But they knew Daniel was aggressive. So, they consulted various psychologists to improve his mental condition of Daniel. But everything was in vain. Daniel didn’t interact much with his parents and spent maximum time alone. His academic performance started deteriorating.

But the violence that Daniel performed was beyond the expectation of his parents. They were shocked at the brutality of their son.

Where is Daniel Patry now?

Daniel got three-year punishment because he was a minor while committing the crime. Therefore, he had been released and might have been enjoying his life. But his current location is not revealed due to security concerns. So, where Daniel Patry is and what he is doing is not clear.


Although Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry’s case was old, it gets attention due to its current discussion on social networking sites. People are interested to know what made Daniel commit such a brutal crime. But, despite all the interest, and discussion the mysterious figure Daniel Patry has remained under cover.

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