Sherry Dyson

Sherry Dyson was a mathematician and ex-wife of motivational speaker and businessman Chris Gardner. Sherry Dyson had a mysterious death. Here we will discuss the story of Sherry Dyson Chris Gardner; who she was, how she died, and why Chris Gardner Sherry Dyson left each other. Let’s get started.

Biography of Sherry Dyson?

Sherry Dyson was a famous mathematics teacher but she is most popular as Chris Gardner’s ex-wife. Chris Gardner wife Sherry Dyson was born in Virginia on the fifth of January 1949. She was an American and by faith, she was a Christian.

Sherry’s parents left her when she was six years old. After the death of her parents, her relatives took care of her. Sherry had to struggle hard for completing her studies. But she never lost her focus on her career. She was good at Mathematics and always wanted to be a Math teacher. Sherry was successful in achieving her dream. She became a math teacher and worked in various schools and colleges.

This famous mathematician died a mysterious death on 7th April 2000 when she was only fifty-one.

Sherry Dyson’s affair and marriage with Chris Dyson:

According to the sources Sherry and Chris first met in the 1970s. Sherry was four years elder than Chris. The couple went on a movie date in 1971, and from here their romantic relationship started. They lived in various places and their courtship was continued over the phone. They dated each other for six years and in 1977 the couple decided to tie the official knot. The marriage took place at Sherry’s house in Virginia. Chris presented a ring to Sherry worth $900.

Chris and Sherry’s married life and children:

Sherry and Chris didn’t have any children. But some sources claimed that Sherry had conceived after their marriage. But unfortunately, she was not able to hold the baby and lost it. The incident broke both Chris and Sherry.

The reason for the divorce between Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner:

Chris and Sherry were not happy together for a long time. In 1986 they were separated. They had several conflicts in their family life. Chris left his medical profession and Dyson noticed changes in his behavior. Sherry came to know that his husband was in an illicit relationship with Jackie Medina. Their relationship was so intense that Jackie Medina became pregnant. In 1981, Chris left Dyson and started living with Medina who gave birth to their son in the same year.  All these incidents were responsible for the divorce between Chris and Sherry and the divorce was completed in 1986.

Sherry Dyson Net Worth:

The ex-wife of Chris Gardner, Sherry Dyson was an educator. She taught in various schools and colleges which supported her to secure a net worth of $100,000.

How did Sherry Die?

Sherry was shocked after her divorce from Chris. She started to live alone. But on 7th April 2000, Sherry bid adieu to the world. Her death was mysterious. But according to maximum sources, the intense mental pressure that she had faced caused a cardiac arrest and death.

But other reports claim Sherry got a sudden cardiac failure while traveling in Germany. According to that reports she was perfect before her attack.

Whatever, the reason is the death of Sherry Dyson is still a mystery. A forensic team has been working to solve the mystery of Dyson’s death.

Final Words:

Sherry Dyson was a strong woman who bravely confronted all the adversities of her life. After her divorce, she continued her profession. But despite all her hard work she failed to go to the pinnacle. Some heart-breaking incidents in her life like losing her parents early, miscarriage, and divorce made her weak, and as a result, she left the world at an early age.