Everything About Trucking Authorities and Getting a Motor Carrier Number

If you’re starting a trucking business, you’ll require operating authority. This is a crucial component of your freight forwarding, carrier relocation, and company transportation operations. Trucking authority, on the other hand, is difficult to grasp for newcomers.

 Read the blog below if you want to learn more about the trucking authority and how to obtain your MC number. We will go over everything concerning obtaining MC No: in this article.

What Is an MC Number and How Do I Get One?

Are you wondering what is mc number ? If you already know the process, obtaining an MC number can be a simple task. Please read this part attentively because we will explain how to obtain your MC number.

The MC number will take 3 to 4 weeks to receive. Once you’ve decided to start a trucking company, it’s time to start thinking about how to get your MC number. You shouldn’t expect your MC number to be active the moment you submit your application to the FMCSA. Things will go at a reasonable pace.

You’ll have 15 to 20 days to sort BOC-3 after that. Likewise, you must get a suitable insurance policy for your vehicles or motorcycles. You can’t run a business if your vehicles aren’t insured. It is suggested that you compare different policy options to find the best rate.

 After you’ve received your MC number, you’ll need to apply for HVUT.

‘Trucking Authority” is something you should be aware of

Every motor carrier operating company in the trucking industry must become acquainted with words such as trucking authority, USDOT number, MC number, DOT authority, and so on. These terms are frequently interchanged.

For motor carriers and freight forwarding organizations that are directly involved in carrying passengers and transferring commodities over state lines, obtaining “Trucking Authority” or “Operating Authority” is crucial.

Obtaining Operating Authority in 3 Simple Steps

You must do the following in order to obtain operating authority for your trucking company:

1.     Create a company and register it.

To obtain authority, apply to the FMCSA. You can also use the online registration system to confirm your registration. Get the greatest insurance or a plan that covers everything. Unified Carrier Registration is a service that allows you to register with multiple carriers at once.

Become a member of the International Fuel Tax Agreement, a taxation authority. Finally, if your vehicle’s gross weight exceeds 55,000 pounds, you must file for HVUT, or heavy vehicle use tax.

2.     Operating Authority Types

You can acquire a DOT number and an MC number using UCR systems. However, depending on the nature of your trucking business and personal preferences, there are various different types of authorities from which to pick.

There are three kinds of operating authorities in general:

  • Motor Carrier
  • Broker
  • Freight Forwarder

As a beginner to the trucking sector, you must carefully consider your possibilities. You must select an operating authority that is compatible with your business operations or the nature/type of cargo you transport.

3.     Obtaining an MC#

Most motor carrier companies, forwarders, and transportation businesses require an MC number in addition to a DOT number in order to convey merchandise or persons in interstate commerce. To facilitate commercial activities, FMCSA requires that you apply for an MC number.

The FMCSA agency assigns an authorization number to facilitate interstate travel and commercial activity. To travel freely between cities and locales, you must have a valid MC number.

 You can expect some relief if your transportation firm is operated within a single state that has been covered by government authority. However, if you want your automobiles to travel across state lines, you’ll need an MC number.

Keep in mind that you need an MC number to set yourself apart from other trucking companies. There is no use in spending money in a trucking business if you are unwilling to register for it and obtain identification.