10 Essential SEO Tips for Beginners to Boost Traffic

Are you new in the SEO field and don’t know where to start? If yes then don’t worry; even with the help of basic SEO techniques, you can boost or improve your ranking. As a beginner, you have many things you have to learn, especially about the Google algorithm, as it uses around 200 factors to rank a particular article or blog.

So, if you want to learn fundamentals and look for the best SEO company, you could check herefor the best travel SEO company; then, the below 10 tips for beginners will help you rank your website on the first page of Google.

Always use short and descriptive URLs

How you are structuring the URL of the content plays an essential role in improving the site’s ranking. To do this, always use the focus keyword in the URL, try to be concise while making the URL easy to understand. In other words, you can say, keep them around 60 characters so that they can pass through the Google algorithm. 

Write longer posts

When writing any content, ensure to make it comprehensive as it helps search engines understand what it is about and helps answer the searcher’s questions. Apart from that, Google also tells the searcher you have full authority on a topic and should be rank high.

Target humans first, then search engines.

Many of the SEO beginners write content for the search engines versus users. If you follow this approach, it will result in keyword-stuffed pages and also title tags. Apart from that, the tone of the content seems robotic. So, make sure to prioritize the readers first and try to give answers to what they are looking for.

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Research relevant keywords with the right tools

Once you get to know which the essential keyword for your content is, make sure you research them on the right tools that offer excellent results. Well, there are several options for the beginner, which are free, so experiment with free tools to get the right keywords.

Write page title and meta descriptions.

Keywords indeed help in making the content worth according to the Google algorithm. But there is one more thing you must add to your content: page titles and meta descriptions. These two things are essential HTML components that will help in optimizing the page.

Remove things that load slowly.

Are you aware that the page loading time affects your SEO? The pages that take more time to load have high bounce rates as visitors will not spend much time on your page. So, ensure you must check the speed of your site, and it has to be 100. 

Go for heading and subheadings in H1 AND H2.

Heading and subheadings are in the form of H1 and H2, also called HTML tags. So, make sure there should be only one H1 tag per web page while having focus keywords. The reason for doing this, Google checks these tags as it checks the title tags.

Backlinks are another factor that helps the content to rank high. Basically, a backlink is linking one website to another website. For instance, if you write content about SEO marketing, you must get backlinks from marketing sites only.

When you search anything on Google, you will get some questions related to your search. They are named as people also ask for and related searches section at the bottom of the page. By this, you will come to know what other people search while finding products or services.

So, you can use some FAQs in your content in order to get a high ranking.

Use keywords both in headings and paragraphs.

Another must-have tip for beginners is to insert keywords both in headings and the content. This will help Google check the topic of your content and improve the user experience when they come to your site.

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SEO is undoubtedly an integral part of marketing that every digital marketer knows as it is an essential tool to boost organic traffic on the site. So, as a beginner, follow these above actionable tips to rank your website on the first page of Google, or you could check here for the best travel SEO company.