Discover Some of the Iconic Men’s Hat Styles for Fashionable Men in 2022

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All you fashionable people are eagerly waiting to dress up again. Even though meeting friends and colleagues in person may not yet be possible for many of you, it is a good idea to dress up a little. Dressing up and looking good could do wonders, in terms of uplifting your mood. Experts at Forbes believe that a hat is an accessory capable of making gloomy days seem bright and even the stifling heat of summer far more tolerable. 

Just like sunglasses, hats can instantly elevate your look and boost your style quotient a few notches higher. You have easy access to a dizzying selection of hats from all kinds of backgrounds. It implies there’s a hat type for everyone, whether your focus is on fashion and style or just on functionality. 

Hats have been in use for ages. Traditionally, people wore hats to mark military rank and social status. Straw hats were made and used by farmers for centuries. Today, straw hats are used worldwide for blocking the scorching sun. Hats have become an integral part of the culture in the United States because of military and baseball use.

When choosing a hat, you should determine the purpose of buying the hat. Whether you want your hat to provide shade, offer comfort, or boost aesthetic appeal? Always keep in mind that a hat should add to the overall experience of the wearer. Before identifying the type of hat best suited to your personality, and style, it is a good idea to learn about the different hat materials and mens hat styles. Once you know the finer details, you could successfully differentiate between apparently similar hats, such as, the trilby and the fedora. It will help you determine what is ideal for catering to your unique requirements.

Common Hat Materials

Hats are available in diverse sizes, shapes, and materials. Materials may, to a certain extent, end up limiting the style of your hat. You will not see nylon Viking hats or come across straw flex fits on too many occasions. Let us explore some common types of hat materials.

Wool: Made from sheep’s hair wool is flexible, and soft. Wool is insulating and resistant to fire. Wool is gaining traction and is used in snapbacks and 5-panels. Wool is used for making fashion caps.

Cotton: Cotton is a fabric ideal for daily use. Cotton is known to be a natural fiber manufactured from cellulose. It is breathable and soft and in making hats and apparel. Embroidered designs or logos are made using cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is hypoallergenic. It is capable of insulating and controlling moisture.

Straw: Straw hats are very much in vogue. It is best to wear straw hats on hot summer days for maximum sun protection. Well-groomed men and women wear straw hats for making a fashion statement. Straw hats are made of material from different types of plants and synthetic fibers too. Some prominent plants are papyrus reeds, wheatgrass, bamboo, and also sisal. Sunhats and fedoras often come in straw materials, and they are most probably the oldest ever hat material.

Felt: Usually, felt is acquired from wool and used for making fedoras and bowler hats. Felt is breathable and flexible. 

Some Popular Hat Styles for Men

Fedora Hat: Fedoras have always been the best choice for practical purposes. They help to protect from the harsh weather elements and strong wind. The original fedora hat was made of felt. A fedora has an indented crown, a wide brim, and a ribbon accent. A fedora hat is known for its immense aesthetic appeal. Many celebrities love to use a fedora. It adds to their personality and boosts aesthetic appeal. A fedora hat features a short to the medium brim size, and there’s even an upturn at the back.

Cowboy Hats

This iconic American hat is recognized and worn everywhere across the globe. They are made of leather, felt, or straw and feature very wide brims. The brim of a cowboy hat may be upturned at the sides. However, some cowboy hats come with broad and flat brims. This iconic hat style is best for protection against harsh weather elements. The cowboy hats are known for their versatility, and functionality. They come in different materials and have diverse uses. The waterproof cowboy hats are ideal for rainy days, while straw cowboy hats provide utmost sun protection on hot and dusty summer days.

Panama Hats

The fine weave and the light color of Panama hats are perfect for fabrics such as linen, and silk. Panama hats are the right hat style for dressing at home on a special warm-weather occasion. A Panama hat uses Toquilla straws. Panama hat is available in many styles and shapes. Panama hats are priced, depending on the thickness of the fiber.


There are several popular hat styles available today. With so much character, history, and versatility, there will always be the right hat style for each one of you.