Bitqh – Latest AI Powered Crypto Trading App 2022

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Bitqh is a new generation mobile application which uses AI to predict changes in the market and it also help investor to make million dollars of money by using “AI predict” feature. By bitqh app the robot automatically selects investors by its smart algorithm and it also ensure profit by 300%. Interestingly, according to the app website traders need not to have any special skills for investing their money, they benefited by robot smart trading system.

Bitqh is a platform that uses automated system to predict the bullish and bearish in the cryptocurrency in financial market. In 2021, bitqh app became most popular bitcoin trading robot. It can also generate decent daily profit for investor from a deposit of $250 only. However, trading cryptocurrency on high leverage involves risk. In high investment it always be recommended to the investor to invest only 10% of your savings.

Charly Vasquez is the one who created BitQH App to expand his profits as a trader. In the short span of time Vasquez created so popular fully automated robot that has attached professional trader to including those on wall street.

How to use bitqh app

  • The first step to use bitqh app is by registering yourself, the registration of an account is free of cost and directly on bitQH application. For set up new account go to the application home page and fill your information in registration form and then click on “CREATE ACCOUNT”. The detail that you need to fill is your full name, email address, phone number and password.
  • Once you done with this part, submit and follow the instruction for verifying your ID.
  • If once you done with all these steps this means your account is ready for trading cryptocurrency.
  • Before start using bitQH for trade, this app allows you to deposit minimum $ 250 amount by visa card, credit card, several e-wallet option which is listed on the website.
  • Then the robot connects users with brokers who handle the financial aspect of the account. This application also guarantees customer money.
  • Then last but not the least step is to try out the things by using demo account. This demo feature on bitqh app allow you to familiarize with application interface. But most importantly this app visualizes you how real time interface look like when robot automated system.
  • After you familiar with the platform, switch with demo to live trading account. Still after switching user need not to do anything because robot is fully automated.

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Top Features of Bitqh App

  • Advance and secure Payout system
  • Strong Verification System
  • Easy Withdrawal Process
  • Great Customer Service
  • Affiliated Brokers

Pros & Cons of Bitqh


  • It’s simple to make use of BitQH App
  • It’s totally free
  • There are no fees for withdrawals or deposits.
  • You can withdraw cash at anytime
  • The user experience has thus far been excellent.
  • It has a minimal deposit
  • It is a partner with numerous broker companies that are regulated.


  • The developer of the Bitqh app is not identified.
  • We could not verify that the app is controlled.

Is Bitqh Safe

Bitqh don’t have any red flag which indicate it not a scam. BitQH has one of the very few auto-trading systems that operate on the blockchain (DLT). Blockchain-powered trading systems that assure client’s highest level of transparency. DLT is a distributed ledger technology which ensure how users monitor all aspects of their trading account. 

If Any dispute which might arise during the trading process is solved by a foolproof technology known as Smart Contracts. Regarding these transactions, this platform operates through regulated brokers. Bitqh partners brokers observe deposit protection measures such as segregation and regular external audits.

Like every coin bitQH has its own advantage and disadvantage, some advantages are it makes cryptocurrency trading easier and more profitable too and the auto trading system are ten times more profitable than manual trading.

Generally, for investing in stock market investor need high demand of knowledge but now AI make it easier, user don’t need any high-profile knowledge for using bath and the best part is that there are no transaction fees while purchasing bitqh. Some disadvantages are there is only 2% commission and users can only use this application on laptop or desktop.

The performance of Bitqh is amazing according to reviews. Bitqh has been describe by many active members that it is one of the automated cryptocurrency trading platforms which can be used by without any worries about hackers and loss of data. Overall, bitqh was scored 97% as its performance rating.