Modern App Ltd App – Latest Updates 2022

Modern App Ltd App is an app-creating platform of Bangladesh that is an expert in mobile app development. Here users can get a vast range of Android apps.

Modern App Ltd app contains a collection of software programs. Basically, this app is a portal for downloading already created solutions. However, they have made some loose and buggy attempts in the beginning. But the company learns lessons from failures and addresses the way to manage matters.

But currently, this application is so popular that internet users of Bangladesh are searching for it.

Moreover, these app creators offer friendly Bengali solutions even outside of Bangladesh. So, let’s discuss Modern App Ltd App in detail.

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Modern App Ltd App 2021

Modern App Ltd App
Modern App Ltd App

Maximum Bangladeshi smartphone users use Google Play Store to download applications. According to data obtained from a survey, it appears that downloads are increasing every day. But most of the users don’t even read the app’s description before installing it. They download the app and instantly start to use it.

As a result, users face issues after they start using it. But Modern App Ltd explores the problems and fixes them from the perspective of both client and app creator.

Many solutions can be accessed through the Modern App Ltd App. However, the Bangladeshi App Development Forum create a considerable number of solutions. But the consumers need not pay anything for installing the app. So, for the users who want to install applications for free, the Modern App Ltd is the right platform for them. Following are some applications of Modern App Ltd:


MVminerals help people to do excellent business. One can find the designs of a new house and the latest design furniture.

This app indeed provides the best choices. But for more options, consumers can search for online showrooms. There are large rooms that display products or offer entertainment, known as showrooms situated around the country. Besides, some rewards can be scored as bonus points.

Property Vara Bikri

If you want to purchase and sell a home or looking for rent, this application is the right place for you. This is a creation of Modern App Ltd. People can use this to sell or buy properties or provide a lease. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store, and this is one of the best apps created by Modern App Ltd.

Business Card Design

Business card design is a crucial part of brand promotion. Multiple solutions are there that can help clients make the business card. Besides, users can select from three various function types to edit or design an exquisite business card.

Ayutul Kursi Audio and Bengal Translate

A religious person can listen to spiritual songs and speeches by downloading this app. The verses of the Holy Quran can be accessed through this app for free. Many people find it challenging to carry the book, and for them, this app is a pleasure.

USA Newspapers App

In this app of Modern Ltd App, one can read all USA Newspapers in one place. Users can access USA Newspaper app from smartphones at any time and anyplace.

E-Online Mall

E-online Mall is an app for online shopping. Recently, Modern App Ltd is launching an official version of digital shopping as early as possible. This app is adequate to purchase your favorite apparel at low prices.


Modern App Ltd App is creating some latest apps. We have discussed some of their popular applications here that can help users.