ATTYT – What is it ?

ATTYT, is that the word you were trying to search? or was it AT&T. Yes you got it right. ATTYT is just the most common misspelled word or abbreviation for AT&T. AT&T stands for American Telephone and Telegraph Co. Let’s know a bit about AT&T because you were looking to get some information about it, and misspelled it as attyt.

ATT or commonly referred as AT&T is an American multinational conglomerate holding company. It has its headquarter at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. AT&T is the world’s oldest and largest telecom company and is the largest mobile telephone services provider in the United States Of America. It was founded way back in 1983 and today it employs more than 2,30,000 employees.

Coming back to ATTYT, and why do I need to write this article?

What Does ATTYT Stands For?

As mentioned earlier, ATTYT is not a term to be searched, it is the most common misspelled word for AT&T. The reason most of us search this or rather misspell it is, letter “T” and letter “Y” are adjacent on the keyboard. When we skip writing the complete name of the company, and try to search it using its abbreviation, we rapidly type ATT and instead of pressing the key just above i.e. number 7 or &, we mistype it as “Y”. And thats how we end up searching ATTYT rather ATT or AT&T.

Why is ATTYT a buzz?

If you try to search this term on google, you will see the below result. This is all because ATTYT is not really a valid term to be searched. If thats the case, why do we have a lot of articles about it then? Interesting questions, isn’t it.

ATTYT Search Result on Google

You can get a very detailed answer to this question in one of our articles that talks about another misspelled word googelecom, which means If you are new to the digital marketing and blogging, the easiest answer is – its a golden keyword. The volume of this keyword is really high (based on some of the prominent SEO tools) and the relative Keyword Difficulty is low. We really encourage you to read our article about googelecom to understand it in full.

Other Misspelled words like ATTYT for AT&T

There are a lot of different combinations of letters that are being used to search the term AT&T. ATTYT is the most common, but below are not too far from this one







The above mentioned words are quite common for while searching for AT&T and the number key 6 or “^” is right above the letter “T” on the keyboard.


Now that you know the term ATTYT is a human error while typing AT&T, there is no need to flood the internet with irrelevant articles talking about it.