Googelecom – What is it? Updated and The Real Information

Do you know, what is googelecom? As far as I know till now there is no such word called as googelecom but it is seen trending in google search.

Internet is the trending sensation now for searching anything. And google is considered to be the most reliable and secure search engine. The story of this word googelecom has its roots here in this search engine only.

Let me show you how googelecom is invented. As I said, google is most trustworthy search engine and maximum people use google as their primary browser. So googelecom is nothing but a misspelt word for google com or google .com which maximum people type wrong.

But interestingly this word is typed and searched so many times that it has become a trending keyword in google search engine with volume of 532k. This is interesting, right?

Why Does Googelecom Trend ?

Actually I don’t know how does google search algorithm work and I don’t think anyone apart from google itself knows about it. Because it is their primary business and how can it be revealed to the world.

But there are certain things which I know about google search engine and that is the main reason of this word googelecom is trending.

The simple and foremost concept of google algorithm or google search engine is Crawling, indexing and serving.


Whenever a new page or content is submitted google bot crawls it and stores it. The basic mechanics here is more the links, easy it is for google bot to crawl that page.


After crawling google analyse and examine each page closely to know what the page is all about. Google closely look at the content, images, videos that page contains and stores all that information in bog database called as google index or indexing.


Whenever you or any user types a query google looks for it in database and serves you with most relevant content. The search result you get is based on many things like your location, language, device mobile or desktop you are using, previous search etc.

Digital marketing companies and SEO experts analyse different methods, do various research to get a page or keyword ranked on the basis of above mentioned concept of crawling, indexing and serving. These companies and people spend a lot of time and use a variety of SEO tools to pick some keywords, that have a very high search volume and a very low keyword difficulty. Yes, thats the golden match. Once they find such combination, they start to write about that keyword.

The primary reason for picking keywords like googelecom is, they are easy to rank. But do they add value to your website ? Well thats a subjective questions and depends upon the SEO tool you are using to get these kind of keywords.

Why do people use Googelecom instead of Google.Com

Many people don’t realize while typing and end up typing it googelecom. Other don’t understand the pronunciation correctly or simply misspell google .com or google as googelecom. But thats not the only reason people confuse these words. Some people try to attract traffic to their website by including these low keyword difficulty words. This is a great idea to attract good amount of traffic.

So Many Articles on Googelecom

Googelecom search on

If you try to search googelecom on, the first thing you’ll find is – “Did you mean: googlecom“. It clearly means that there is no such word googelecom. The next thing you’ll wonder is, why do we have so many articles about this keyword and what information do these article contain? Well, by now, you must have understood that why do we have so many articles about this keyword, yes, it is all about website traffic.

Do you think these article contain useful information? Well, you can spend just 2 minute of reading on any of these articles and you will get to know that these article contain absolutely irrelevant information. Some of these article talk about basic feature and services that google offers, while others talk about some of the flagship mobile phone by google. Some article even go beyond and talk about maps and gmail service. No one actually talks about googelecom. Some articles claim that googelecom is a store where google sells its products and services. Its nothing but an attempt to include this keyword to their website.

Other Misspellt words like googelecom

Googelecom is not the only word that is misspelled for, there are a lot of them.






Apart from these words, there are a lot of misspelled words people use while using google. I’m pretty sure that you also must have searched these words on google with a mis-spell sometimes.