5 Reasons Why Custom-Printed Outdoor Flags are the Best Marketing Tools of 2022

Every new year, it’s vital for brands to find fresh marketing strategies and tools. In 2022, many small businesses are betting on custom-printed outdoor flags to be the best marketing tools for their brands. Advertising flags give brands the exposure they need in small, local audiences. Set up your advertising flag once, and it will promote your brand in a specific location for long periods.

If your company is planning to attend tradeshows/conferences – you’ll need custom flags for promoting your brand at these events. Even if your business has modest marketing plans to attract shoppers to your brick-and-mortar store, custom flags will be helpful. Here are five other reasons why custom flags are set to be the most important marketing tools of 2022 –

  1. The High Demand for Affordable Marketing Tools

Across the world, many industries are slowly getting back to normal. However, the marketing industry, in general, is still facing economic challenges. According to a Gartner study, marketing budgets fell from 11% of business revenue in 2020 to 6.4% in 2021. How much of your total business revenue will you allocate for marketing in 2022? If it’s around 6 or 7% – you desperately need cost-effective marketing tools.

That’s where custom flags are so helpful. These high-quality marketing tools are surprisingly affordable. They’re typically made of durable synthetic materials, so their manufacturing costs are pretty low. Small business owners can buy custom flags in bulk to get huge discounts. Plus, the costs of these flags don’t increase with printing/design requirements. Custom-print any artwork you want on your marketing flags – the costs will be the same.

  • Long-Lasting Solution

Small business owners aren’t just shopping for affordable marketing tools in 2022 – they also want these tools to be durable. Custom flags made of synthetic materials are rated for five to eight years of outdoor use. The synthetic materials are also weather-resistant. Is your store’s location no stranger to high winds or excessive rainfall? Don’t worry – your weather-resistant marketing flags will not get damaged by these threats.

  • Versatile Marketing Options

The ability to customize marketing flags is amazing. Advancements in printing technologies have reinstated the status of custom flags as essential marketing items. Business owners can custom-print aesthetic artwork, simple marketing messages, brand elements, and other design elements on these flags. They can use these flags outdoors and indoors.

  • Flexible Options

Smart marketing is all about being open to different marketing tools, techniques, and options. When shopping for custom flags, marketers get to pick from various flag styles, designs, and sizes. Some options include –

  • Feather flags
  • Teardrop flags
  • Traditional, rectangular flags
  • Custom-shaped flags

These flags can be used as promotional tools at events, local service centers (e.g., car washes), real estate, etc. This versatility of eye-catching custom flags makes them amazing marketing tools.

  • Easy to Design, Print, and Deliver

Ordering custom-printed marketing flags has never been easier. Users can simply visit the flag seller’s website, select flags (based on size), and start ordering. Upload your artwork on the platform (e.g., logo, marketing messages, etc.) to launch the printing process. Discuss the printing and delivery process with the sellers. Within a few days, the custom flags will be ready for delivery!