The 7 Best Retail CRM Software for 2021

Customer relationship management CRM is software technology for the management of a company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Every entrepreneur has one important goal is to achieve profits. To achieve profit, improving business relationships is critical.

The CRM system help company to stay connected to their customers; it streamlines the processes and improves profitability. Most people have this conception that CRM is a tool for contact management, productivity, and sales management. But CRM software is much more as it is an integrated solution that helps to improve an organization’s relationship with people- customers, colleagues, suppliers, and service users throughout the lifecycle, different stages of the sales funnel. It included finding new customers, making sales, providing support, and additional services.

CRM lets you store customer and prospective customers’ information, identification of sales opportunities, record service-related issues, and management of marketing campaigns all in a central location for one interface. Data is accessible with ease, collaboration is efficient, and productivity is effective.

CRM helps companies of any size drive business growth. It is imminent for small businesses to have CRM integrated. A study has predicted that 2021 CRM would be the single largest revenue area of spending in enterprise software.

The Retail CRM software has CRM features and programs that help retail businesses track customer activity in the store and E-commerce business. It helps relationship management of customer profiles, purchase history, contact management, and loyalty program for deep and better relationships. The Retail CRM offer solutions for the management of inventory, marketing campaigns, and process payments.

How to evaluate the best retail CRM systems?

To decide which Retail CRM is best for your company, you need to evaluate its features, pricing, retail-specific that is, your business-specific benefits. The ease of use, the help, and support of the CRM software solutions provider should also be considered. Product usability and the kind of customer support it provides and features such as easy integration, onsite payment processor, tools for managing credit, and customer loyalty points are a few essential features. Keeping tabs about the inventory stocked is a critical feature required.

Here are the 6 best Retail CRM software for 2021:

Zoho CRM Plus: Best for Social Media Management

Zoho CRM Plus Features

  • Social Media management tools for publishing, scheduling, and managing social media content
  • Built-in tools for management of mail lists, managing subscribers, view email list summaries, creating sign-up forms, and automatic removal of unsubscribed email addresses.
  • Zoho business management applications such as Zoho Meeting, Zoho Invoice, etc. easy integrations
  • Inventory management tools for orders, product stock, quotes, invoices, vendors, etc.


  • Zoho CRM Plus software can be integrated with ease and has features that can be used for other enterprise processes like Human resource management, project management, and accounting. It comes with built-in tools and has native integrations.
  • It has a native app built called Zoho Creator, which manages point of sale functions.
  • It is easy to set up with other pre-integrated applications in the system.


  • It is not free. It charges fees
  • Many have reported system glitches issues when using the platform
  • Charges extra to be paid for Zoho Commerce that is for online store management

Costing: Pricing is $69 per user per month and $57 per user when billed annually.

It offers a free trial period of 30 days.

Zoho CRM Plus is for brick and mortar stores and online storefront management. It is best for social media management. The users of Zoho CRM Plus can manage Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Google’s My Business within the platform.

It helps to publish and schedule social media posts and monitors the feeds. It captures leads and also messages potential customers. It allows retailers to target specific customers and generate CRM contacts from the pages.

To access E-commerce businesses, you will have to pay extra, or you can opt for another best retail CRM software.

AuroCRM: Multi-Faceted CRM with successful integration in business


•           Multiple Features and flexible CRM solution

•           Supports Multi-Faceted setups

•           Real-time Revenue reports

•           Customer-Centric

•           Automate email marketing

•           Support Ticketing system

•           Deep customer insights


AuroCRM offers easy integration and customization as per the business needs to manage customer relationship management and management of projects at value for money. It gives comprehensive customer insights in real-time. Helps with KPI’s that matter, incorporate key components where it matters. AuroCRM is Suite CRM with plug and play integration and Smart Add ons.

Pricing: Customizable as per the business

AuroCRM offers strategized sales pipeline, helps to close deals quickly, and automates related activities. It offers actionable insights, identifies patterns and trends, and drives effective strategies for generating better ROI.

Bitrix24: E-commerce Best capabilities


  • Free version available for unlimited users- best for start-ups and small businesses
  • Have important features like SEO assistance, marketing automation, e-commerce retail, etc. included
  • Offer multi-stores capabilities so sell through multiple online stores.


  • Set up is challenging, and operation can be tough
  • Has limited customer service support
  • Limited solution for point of sale
  • Limited solutions for online transaction management


  • Free: for unlimited users but limited features
  • Start + is $24 for two users all features
  • CRM + is $69 per month can have 6 users
  • Standard $99 per month with 50 users
  • Professional is $199 with unlimited users (a great deal for big players)
  • Free trial for 30 days


  • It has online store features
  • Offer to set and bundling for certain products
  • Has basic features for Human Resource Management for work time tracking, work reporting, and paid time off management
  • Built-in tools for invoicing
  • Built-in tools for Sales tracking
  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence chatbot tool for auto-messaging- live chats on the website
  • Provides keyword generation and assistance for SEO of landing pages, driving more traffic to the website.

Bitrix24 is the only Retail CRM on the list which offers free CRM solutions to businesses. A free plan is available to unlimited users and includes store features. Users are allowed to manage more than one store, process an unlimited number of orders, sell 100 different products, and thus a lot of revenue generation. It is best for managing online retail but doesn’t offer a solution for online sales management.

QuickBooks Commerce: Best for Retail Accounting Tasks


  • Integrated with automated accounting feature of QuickBooks
  • Inventory control features offer automatic reordering of products and stocks
  • Management backorder capabilities allow pre-orders on the inventory


  • Expensive when you need high-level plans
  • Email Marketing tool is missing
  • Warehouse management tool available only in high-level plans


  • Founder for $39 for one user
  • Lite for $79 for two users
  • Small Business pricing: $199 for five users
  • Business: $599 for eight users
  • Premium: $799 for 15 users
  • Free trial is available for 14 days only.


  • Inventory Management: has features for storage of customer purchase preferences, billing details, history, and shipping address
  • Warehouse Management: has tools for organization of shipping, packing requirement and receiving
  • Inventory Optimization: this feature helps businesses to know the right amount of inventory that is required at a given time
  • Manage multiple sales channels from one platform such as Squarespace, Amazon, Shopify, etc.

QuickBooks Commerce is excellent for its accounting management. It is very helpful to businesses in relation to retail accounting, as it includes automated book-keeping. It has exceptional multichannel online sales, which integrate with many platforms. The inventory management and purchase order fulfillment is good too.

Vend-Retail CRM best as user-friendly


  • Offers ample choices for integration options for payment processing
  • Point of Sale system with customization options
  • Onsite management of checkouts
  • Point of Sale system is easy to use with minimal buttons that can be customized by users preference
  • Search products with bar code scanning or Keywords


  • No Free plans
  • Expensive
  • Mobile Application is limited as it just registers on iPad and of bar code scanning
  • E-commerce options require integrations


  • Lite is $99 per month for one user and an additional user at $49 per register
  • Pro is $129 per month for one user and additional user at $49 per register
  • Enterprise is customizable- Quoted
  • Free Trial is 14 days only


  • Point of Sale allows businesses for selling in-store on PC or Mac
  • iPad app and Pair Vend Display to synchronize and create customer database with profiles
  • Free Barcode scanner app to integrate with Vend systems
  • Scan inventory with the phone camera
  • Automated tools for inventory management- reordering inventory
  • Integrated with BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify for E-commerce

The Vend CRM offers built-in tools for managing online retail operations for retail businesses. Hands down easiest Retail CRM to learn, implement, and operate compared with other CRM software on the list.

Point of Sale can be customized with buttons and layouts by the business user. The Bar scanning application integrated well with other systems like inventory management and point of sale. Allows the employees to bar code products by scanning with a phone camera and app.

Retail Management needs strong mobile support capabilities for selling, delivering, and purchasing inventory. Vend is minimal mobile support capabilities.

Lightspeed Retail: Best for Customer Management with the Customer Loyalty program


  • Best in a customer loyalty program with built-in tools for management based on point base, promotions, coupons, and programs like Smart Customer Group
  • Payment process solution offers free terminal in all plans
  • Customer support is best as its available seven days of the week


  • Higher plans only have features for E-commerce, analytic functions, accounting
  • A steep learning curve is needed to operate the platform
  • No free plans at all


  • The basic plan at $ 69 per month
  • Starters plan at $ 99 per month
  • Standard plan at $ 1199 per month
  • Advanced plan at $ 169per month
  • Pro plan at $ 229 per month
  • Enterprise is customized pricing
  • Add on $29 per registered user per month
  • Free trial only 14 days


  • Built-in payment processing system- offers onsite payments and online payments
  • Appointment scheduling tools built-in from the website for in-store meetings
  • Loyalty feature has auto segmentation of the customers based on purchasing habits
  • Accounting software syncs with the point of sale system

Lightspeed Retail CRM has native integration available for accounting, e-commerce, and payment processing. The best feature is Loyalty Program Management. It has a centralized online loyalty program and in-store programs. Has automated email marketing drag and drop option for email creation for loyal members.

Customers are able to enroll in programs through the point of sale system. There is a point-based system. It slows the management of customer loyalty programs through promotions and coupons. 

Auto-segmentation based on behaviors allows sending custom deals to VIP shoppers.

Though Lightspeed isn’t easy software to use.

GlassManager: An all-in-one business solution for Commercial and Residential Glass Shops

GlassManager is one of the most effective cloud-based software for Glass Businesses. Developed with all the features required to run Glass Shop Businesses smoothly at a value price. Keeping in mind about Glass Business prerequisites, it is programmed to deliver all the assistance to accomplish the tasks with no hassle. 

Some of the features of GlassManager Software are: 

Dashboard Reporting & Statistics

With the real-time Dashboard Reporting it shows the overview of your business very easily.

Job Management

All the jobs can easily be tracked which is an important aspect of a business. GlassManager provides the details of a project, who’s been allocated and hours tracking as well.

Third Party Integrations

GlassManager saves the effort of multiple entries by integrating with major accounting softwares like QuickBooks, Sage.

Document Management

Saving important documents in GlassManager, increases the efficiency by managing the customers and project details associated with each customer.

Inventory Management

GlassManager is capable of keeping inventory of all the materials you install. 

Workflow Management

Communication between office and field staff is no more a problem by using GlassManager. You can easily see the tasks progress in real-time with its calendar view feature.

Vendors & Purchase Orders

Vendors’ list can be saved in the vendor section to simply issue purchasing requests against each project. With this GlassManager feature, matching the cost against each project is at your tip.


  • Professional: $85 / Full user / month/*Minimum 3 users
  • Additional Accounting Integration fee: $100/month + $495 setup fee

Enterprise: Have more than 25 Full users or 100 Field users? Contact to book a demo and see the GlassManager difference.

Retail businesses operate online and in-store or have both mediums to conduct business. Regardless of it, they will need Retail CRM to manage everything. Therefore, it is essential that you first evaluate business needs and then select retail CRM.