How to Teach Your Child to Write Correctly

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During the toddler’s formative years, when they are most receptive to learning, is the best time to introduce writing. While toddler activities, games, and books may not allow kids to skip forward to the writing portion, they will get them to the end of the process. You can teach your child to write sooner than you could have hoped in just a few simple steps. If you’re looking for the best preschool in Gurgaon, go no further than Leens Nestling. They tailor their curriculum to each student’s interests, which increases their engagement and motivation.

Please encourage them to draw, paint, and doodle

Yes! It’s common knowledge that scribbling is the best introduction to writing for young children. By scribbling, they learn the proper grip for the writing implements. In addition, they learn how to manage the paper’s flow. Of course, you want to inspire your kid to put pen to paper, but you should get them drawing before you do that.

At around two, most children are interested in art, making this a great time to introduce your youngster to some fun at-home toddler activities. Crayons are the most visually appealing and child-friendly option. To entertain your youngster, get some coloring books and crayons.

Give Them Some Books to Read

There are storybooks for young children that are designed so that the youngsters can fill in the blanks with their writing and illustrations. Playschools, preschools, and daycares typically utilize the same methods, but you may achieve the same results at home with your child. Reading aloud and having your child identify and perhaps even draw the characters is a great way to get them interested in writing. Once they have a handle on it, progress will be simple. The goal, then, is to pique the child’s interest in something that can be practiced through writing and scribbling.

Begin steadily and slowly

When training a toddler to write, patterns can be a huge help. We mean it when we advise you to take it gradually; introduce shapes to your children before the alphabet. The letters of the alphabet can be easily identified by their base shapes, which include straight lines and circles. Then, give your kid some sheets of paper, a full box of crayons, and a big bag of colors. They can teach themselves the routine if you provide enough information.

Connecting dots on paper of alphabets or shapes is another way to speed things up. Having kids take on an adult role and be trusted with responsibilities is usually met with enthusiasm. Consequently, they will be overjoyed to be given the assignment of drawing the designs by joining the dots. Your toddler will learn how the alphabet is written with a little practice.


Which of these approaches did you find worked best for your kid? To that end, we offer our sincere apologies. You can thank us later if you implement even a handful of these strategies into your child’s educational routine. So, what are you waiting for if you want to get started? Get going, and come back to Leens Nestling for more inspiration.