Shoppable Content: The Digital Way To Success

In today’s technological age, content has been the motivating factor in making purchase decisions of the products online. Shoppable content is any text, pictures, videos, etc. that directs the audience to the buying portal. The reason that content has always been a winner has been explained by Seth Godin. According to him” People don’t want to buy goods and services. They want to buy relations, stories, and magic.” Human beings are emotional and social. If they find a connection with the content, they will dig deep into it and follow the content. In a way, Content can influence various people, to purchase products. This is the reason behind the

Top Digital Marketing Company in India favouring brands over advertisements.

Products were indeed bought even before content writing. However, it cannot be denied that a stronger customer relationship has always been built after integrating the product with the content as the latter humanizes the product.

Hence, shopping has taken a complete overhaul in the digital industry when content has been and relationships have been prioritized.

Progression of shoppable content from browse to buy

Thanks to the digital revolution, we can see the majority of people being glued to screens. When shopping is in their mind, the users inconsistently surf images and videos of the products. Many a time while browsing the internet, it so happens, that they move to the other website to look out for the same products. To make the shopping experience both exhilarating and spontaneous, the digital marketing companies integrate the images or videos of the product with the buyout gateway, so that the customer can make an  instant purchase. It has been observed that a direct click between the product and the prompt- purchase results in more sales conversions.

Advantages to the brand

Less time consumption:-

By bridging the gap between the click and the purchase the

Best Digital Marketing Company In India helps the customers to decide on instant purchases. It helps the users to waste less time on clicking various links until they finally reach the checkout portal., which increases helps in the growth of sales conversions.

Content attracts prospects like a magnet:-

A major population is on social media. If someone is a staunch follower of the content, then there is more likelihood for him to purchase the product as compared to the one who has just come across an advertisement.

Contents are measurable:-

Any digital marketing agency that can establish a relationship between content and sales conversions can easily track the cause of the growth of sales. These companies can monitor the clicked-products that have  made the purchase and can see where amendments are required to the improve ROI

Few brilliant shoppable content marketing examples;-

With shopping content making its way to the top, many advertisers are using out-of-world- creative content. Following is the mindblowing work done by few amazing advertisers. They are as follows;-

  1. The brand Ted Braker made an interesting video wherein the products were presented delightfully. The video had clickable pop-ups where the details of the product were mentioned and the audience had the choice to either click the “Buy Now” option or carry on with watching the video
  • There is another fabulous video created by puma where the red logo of the brand points out to where the ready to buy products have to be clicked
  •   There was a magical, interactive video by Swoon. Here the audience was required to play with the patterns displayed, enjoy altering the patterns (for example, the patterns that go well with a plain black skirt), and get motivated before buying.


Content marketing, however, engaging and beautifully communicated, is meaningless if the prospect has to travel through various links, right from selecting the product to its purchase.  The travel journey of the customer needs to be short and fast. The shopping environment of every Top Digital Marketing Services In India should be such that the product could be bought just by clicking on it.If there are a series of steps, then the digital marketing services would not be able to benefit. Although the shopping content is still at it its novel stage, many famous brands have started strategizing it in their plans. This seems to be the culmination of traditional marketing and the dawn of shoppable content

Nowadays, the customers are demanding and dynamic. True to their nature, they want immediate results in everything. Hence, the need of the hour is to upgrade e-commerce to suit the needs of the new generation.