Picuki – Free and Best Instagram Editor And Viewer 2022

Everyone loves social media, and Instagram is the platform that is stealing the show for sure. Instagram and the parent company Meta is putting a whole lot of efforts to make this an ever growing and shining Social Media Platform. And the best part is, you now don’t need to create an account on Instagram to browse it. Yes your heard it right. Picuki formally know as picuki.com is one such website that provide you liberty to view content on Instagram without having an account.

Picuki is a tricky and funny name, isn’t it? Picuki sometimes referred as pocuki, pickuki, pikuki or pucuki.

What is Picuki

home screen

Picuki.com is a free website that allows you to watch and browse insta content for free and that too without having an account. Pucuki is an easy to use browser based application that accepts profile, tags, location as input and gives you search results based on that. Its a great tool to browse and enjoy Instagram content without logging into it, and that too for free of cost. All you need to do is, type Picuki.com in your browser URL bar and hit enter.

The home page of Picuki offers a very simple and easy to use interface. The search bar is right at the top-middle section, so that user does not have to search/scroll for it. Top features are also listed right below the search bar that makes it easy for a user to understand what it is capable of. Once you are on the home page, you just need to select the filter (if you want) and write your input, like profile name, tage, or location. Once you enter this and hit enter, it gives you all the relevant data you might be interested in.

Picuki search
Search Results Fashion Profile

Check out the tags result below

Search Results Fashion Tags

Once you get your desired results, start exploring.

What Picuki Offers

No Registration No Fee

The top feature that Picuki offers is of course the access to unlimited profiles and tags, without any registration and with no fee. Apart from this main feature, pickuki allows you to download the picture, copy the content and above all, edit the pictures before you download it. Isn’t that great?

Pikuki also offers you to check all the trending content on Instagram. If you scroll down on the home page, you can see all the trending profiles and hashtags. Its a great feature to be on the top of what is trending and what topic to create your next post on.

For each Shopify marketer that need to grow online Shopify store using Picuki will be a good choice to to watch and browse insta content for free

Picuki API To Embed Content

Request API

If you are trying to put all your Instagram profile content on you website or the mobile application, you can try it using Picuki API. Just request an API from Pikuki and integrate it with you mobile application or website. Picuki API will pull all your Instagram profile data and will display it on your website or application. Its a great way to promote your business and services where clients and customers can see your social media profile and your website at the same place.

How To Use Picuki

There are two main methods for searching relevant content on Picuki. Both the methods work in the same way.

  • Method – 1 View images from your account search
  • Method – 2 Search from hashtags

Go to website www.picuki.com

Select your filter – All, Profiles, Tags, Locations

Enter your input – Like profile name, display name, tag, or location

Hit enter or click on the search button to get desired results.

Click on the result you were looking for.

You can see all the stories, posts, followers and followings for that account.

Profile search result for FashionTV

Yes, Picuki is legal. using Instagram anonymously is legal and safe, as long as you are following all the policies and guidelines from Instagram. It is just a gateway to offer you all the content from Instagram. Furthermore, it cannot be used to browse private and locked profiles. Pocuki can be considered as a registered Instagram user that can help you show all the content that is unlocked on Instagram. So its safe and legal.

Does Picuki Have a Mobile App

Not now. However, Picuki can offer you an API to integrate with your mobile app or website. With the help of it’s API, you can stream your Instagram profile data on your website or mobile application.

Do checkout privacy policy here


Picuki is one of the great websites for digital creators and maketers. This website can be used to check whats trending on Instagram, what are the trending hashtags, what kind of stories. This website can certainly help you to get latest ideas for your brand and services.