How To Secure Data Lakes: 7 Tools to Know

Cloud technology has witnessed an unequaled rise in the last few years, with players like Amazon and Microsoft financing creative offerings. With platforms like AWS, it is much simpler for IT departments to maintain their infrastructure.

This has brought challenges and caused requirements for AWS security. Now, support specialists won’t usually physically improve a server’s memory or have to fix hardware. Rather, they can help create better upgrades through an online platform to maintain the configuration settings.

Therefore, IT teams can now assess various projects according to their requirements to their websites traffic and database.

aws data protection services play a crucial part in maintaining data security.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud facility offering services and building blocks. You can use these bricks to position and make a specific application in the cloud.

Various AWS Data Security Tools

AWS boasts a variety of data safety instruments. They are:

Amazon GuardDuty

This tool utilizes machine learning to search for hostile activity in your AWS surroundings. It mixes your DNS logs, CloudTrail event logs, S3 event logs, and VPC Flow Logs to evaluate and observe every activity.

GuardDuty spots issues like communication, privilege rise, and exposed recommendation with hostile domains and IP addresses.

Security Hub

Security Hub gathers data from every security service from countless AWS regions and accounts, making it simpler to receive a complete view of your AWS safety pose. What’s more, the tool supports gathering data from third-party security items. It’s vital to offer your safety team all the details they require.

AWS Config

It assesses and records your AWS resource arrangement. This comprises maintaining a historical account of all alterations to your assets, which is helpful for adherence to legal needs and your bureau’s strategies.

AWS Config gauges new and being resources against laws that authenticate particular configurations. For instance, if the system must encode every EC2 volume, the tool can sense non-encoded volumes and relay an alert.

AWS Identity and Access Management

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is vital for regulating gain to your AWS assets.

It allows you to make users and parts with consents to particular resources in your AWS surrounding.

Always allocating least-entitlement permissions to these users and parts lessens the impact of a violation when an ambusher has gained entry.

Amazon Macie

It finds out and shields your fragile data preserved in AWS S3 buckets. It spots sensitive data in your buckets, like personal health details or personally-identifiable information via discovery jobs.

You can program these jobs to observe new data included in your buckets. Once it gets fragile data, it assesses your buckets and notifies you when a bucket is unencoded, is publicly reachable, or is shared with AWS accounts outside of your company.

AWS CloudTrail

It follows all undertakings inside your AWS surroundings. It puts down every action a user performs in the AWS dashboard and all API calls as occasions.

You can scan and look through these events to spot unanticipated or unordinary requests in your AWS surrounding. AWS CloudTrail Insights is extra to assist spot unordinary pursuit. It instinctively evaluates your incidents and elevates an incident when it senses unusual activity.

Practices for AWS Cloud Security

  • Apply security to every layer.
  • Monitor user gain for your database.
  • Place your master plan forts and determine if it supports different controls and tools.
  • Back up your data frequently.
  • Utilize password generator instruments to make safe passwords.

Also, think about making policies that set conditions for password production, deletion, and adjusting.

How To Maintain Data Security In AWS

Field-level De-encoding Procedure

An application that the system uses to retrieve fragile data for a business function can de-encode that data. An instance of a decryption process is a Lambda function invoking AWS KMS for decryption.

This performance isn’t dependent on Lambda. The structure can perform it on any computer with access to AWS KMS.

Field-level Procedure

The origin appeal can also act for inner state transition in any CloudFront that may occur before it redirects a request to the downstream server. You can also link your Lambda@Edge with CloudFront as detailed in the Triggers by Using the additional CloudFront Dashboard.

The Lambda@Edge function also acts as a programmable hook in the CloudFront processing flow. You could use its functions to substitute any incoming appeal with request body and fragile data fields encoded.


The online arena is both beneficial and dangerous- if you don’t secure your data. Luckily, you should not be least worried about any of your data’s safety with AWS. The service can provide security for numerous organizations worldwide. Yours company can be one of them. Best part is, it’s easy to use.

You just need to familiarize yourself with its functions and use them consistently. So, try AWS today for unmatchable data security.