How to Get Started in the Crypto World

Chances are you know someone who has invested in crypto of some form. Today, the crypto marketplace holds highly lucrative opportunities for investors worldwide. Getting started in the crypto world is easy, and there are plenty of resources out there for you to learn all the basics of investing before you start. Here are some critical tips for launching your crypto endeavor.

Selecting Your Coin

It can seem challenging to select which coin to invest in, as new cryptocurrencies are created regularly, and the market value of each coin fluctuates constantly. Understanding tokenomics, or the rules and regulations designed around each cryptocurrency, can help you select which currency is best for your financial goals. Consider the market cap of the crypto, how strong the community around the coin is, and what the long-term goals of the blockchain network behind it are. Doing your research well before investment can better set yourself up for financial success. Following a crypto platform such as FTX is a great way to stay in the know and get the latest on crypto news and development.

Open a Wallet & Select an Exchange

Once you’re ready to start investing, you can open a digital wallet and trade on a crypto exchange. Selecting the right exchange for you is an essential aspect of investing. Crypto exchanges are platforms and apps that allow for easy transactions in the crypto world. Whether you’re purchasing something using crypto or trading one token for another, you will need access to an app for cryptocurrency to make it happen. Some exchanges are centralized and act as third parties, collecting fees for transactions but offering greater security and ease of use. On the other hand, decentralized exchanges (DEX) allow for direct transactions between coin holders without a third party. DEXs do not allow trading of fiat currencies, so you will have to fund your wallet through a centralized app for now. However, the decentralized finance space grows every day as improved DEXs are created to challenge traditional centralized exchanges. In the coming years, the benefits of DEXs may outshine the current advantages of centralized platforms.

Understanding Your Investment Options

Once you’ve selected your token to invest in, you must understand the various investment options available to you to generate gains over time. If you’re not planning to purchase a real-life asset or trade your crypto for profit in the short term, you can hold your crypto in other ways to generate rewards.

If your crypto is run on a proof-of-stake model such as Bitcoin, or Cardano, you have the opportunity to stake your investment and earn rewards. Proof-of-stake models allow coin holders to act as nodes on the network and stake their crypto as collateral for a chance to verify transactions in the network. The more coin staked with the node, the more likely that node will be selected to verify blocks. If the node successfully verifies the blocks in time, all coin holders in the stake pool will receive rewards. Proof-of-stake models require less computing power, making them more sustainable, and less susceptible to network attacks.

Yield farming or liquidity farming is another way to generate lucrative returns. You lock your investment for a certain period through a smart contract when entering a liquidity farm. Your coin and others in the pool are then lent out to borrowers in exchange for fees, interest, and sometimes new coins. Like borrowing from any bank, there are always risks involved for lenders and borrowers. However, if successfully done, yield farming can produce lucrative results.

Finally, you can use your crypto investment to purchase digital assets in the form of NFTs. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets encrypted on blockchain networks. Typically, NFTs will encrypt a piece of digital art of some kind, adding inherent value to that artwork and verifying its originality. The NFT marketplace can be highly lucrative for both collectors and artists.

There is a ton of opportunity in the crypto world. As the crypto world continues to innovate and become more efficient, the opportunity for financial gain will continue to grow. Start investing in this market today.