How to Get More Followers on Social Media

Around 4.5 billion people use the internet every day, accounting for roughly 59 percent of the world’s population. We are a generation of social media addicts who can’t go a single minute without checking their accounts.

We can’t function without social media because it is so firmly embedded in our lives. Its web has grown to encompass all aspects of our lives and has expanded throughout our everyday routine.

Digital marketing is the backbone for any business growth in the present world. And digital marketing agencies help businesses through digital marketing advertisements to compete with their rivals. Digital marketing agencies assist these brands to keep their social media customers in contact through various engaging activities.

Social Media Brings the World Closer- Globalization

World has become globalized. Social media helps people build stronger ties and brings the world closer together. It’s also a great tool to raise awareness about important topics. Influencers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and marketers, in addition to huge corporations, advertisers, and magazines, use social media on a regular basis for their enterprises.

You can engage with more people and obtain feedback on your posts and accounts when you have a large number of followers. This opens up possibilities for your company to grow in ways you never anticipated. As a result, social media platforms are the ideal option for people looking to expand their audiences.

Curating a huge following can assist you and your business in ways that go beyond the limitations of any particular social media platform. In fact, social networking sites can aid in SEO and lead visitors to your website. And a digital marketing company provides these services.

Tricks To Increase Social Media Followers

There are a few tricks to increase the number of your social media followers.

1.    Create A Powerful Brand Identity

You should have a consistent brand identification whether you’re a certified business or a personal brand. This is far more than just sticking a logo on your profile photo and calling it a day.

Every post should reflect your brand’s personality. Choose your primary color scheme, filters, graphic designs, tone, and so on. Your brand’s voice should be reflected in everything you post and comment on. People are drawn to brands with distinct personalities.

Take L’OrĂ©al Hair Dye, for example. It’s no wonder that bright, colorful colors are an important aspect of this brand’s branding because it’s all about color.

Even while they rely heavily on user-generated content (more on that later), the photographs on their Instagram feed are nonetheless harmonious with the overall identity.

They also have a direct link to the main website in their bio, as well as a unique hashtag to encourage engagement.

2.    Determine The Target Audience

Each sort of social media network caters to a unique demographic. The platform that will work best for your business and the type of audience you want to reach will become clearer.

Let’s take a look at some of the most widely used social media sites.

  FacebookThe bulk of Facebook users are those with higher earnings. More than 50% users are female, and the majority of the surf on their mobile devices.  
  TwitterTwitter users are more likely to be older and have better earnings, however, men and women are equally represented. It also appeals to a worldwide audience.  
  Instagramattracts a younger, more educated audience, with a high percentage of female users. The users also come from a wide spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds.  
  YouTube-Youtube users are largely millennials, and YouTube’s recommendation engine determines a lot of what they watch. The majority of YouTube users are men, and mobile devices are preferred.  

3.    Listen To And Reply To Your Online Community On A Regular Basis- Be Active to Respond

Did you know that 83% of your Facebook friends and 71% of your Twitter followers now demand a response from you the same day they ask a question on each platform? In fact, 32% of Twitter users now anticipate a response in less than 30 minutes.

By being extremely responsive on social media, you can provide a terrific user experience for your followers. Pay attention to what they’re saying and answer appropriately. You could also appreciate individuals who comment on Instagram and YouTube and publicly recognize people who retweet, fave, and mention your organization on Twitter.

4.      Post Share-Worthy Content

People want you to produce stuff that thrills and engages them if they are going to follow you. Your followers should want to share your posts with their friends!

The following are some of the post types that receive a lot of shares:

   Opinions  While expressing a strong view on an issue can be risky, it can also lead to a lot of involvement. Just make sure to back up any assertions you make with evidence, and avoid addressing sensitive themes that could backfire and harm your business.
    Trends  You should be up to date on industry trends and forecasts, and if you can be a credible source of current information, you’ll become a go-to source for information. News Keeping up with breaking news topics is one of the greatest ways to stay current, but staying one step ahead of the curve and being one of the first to report on a topic requires a lot of time and effort.
  Data  People respond to data, whether you’re confirming or refuting someone’s claim. Creating citable data is beneficial for social media sharing as well as SEO.  

Consider how you can include this type of subject matter into your brand while maintaining true to your existing tone.


Social media platforms can be a terrific method for brands and organizations to communicate with stakeholders, build devoted followers, and increase their reach and audience when used wisely and thoughtfully. 

You should concentrate on writing posts and providing content that will attract the proper people – those with whom you need to engage, take action, and establish a longer-term relationship. To begin growing your social media following today, use any of these strategies with the help of a digital marketing firm.