Hot or Not Composite Images

Currently, the internet is all about setting and following trends. As a result, there are many trends that internet users experience at a time. On social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and so on, some trends always prevail, and videos get viral that many users start to follow.

Social media users love to follow trends by posting their pictures or videos. And one such trend is our blog topic, which is hot or not composite images, and it was a trend on TikTok. Hot or not, composite images on the TikTok trend had many followers. People started to post their hot or not composite images on TikTok by using composite pictures.

What are Hot or Not Composite Images?

Hot or not, composite images is a trend prevailing on popular social media TikTok. This trend gets viral quickly. This trend is a challenge that challenges every TikTok consumer to create Hot or not composite images and share the facial hot or not composite images on the platform.

This image trend of TikTok is famous as an attractive face scale that measures the beauty of an individual and offers scores on attractiveness between zero to ten. If the users score zero, they are not so attractive, and the users who get a score of ten are lovely.

TikTok offers ratings to everyone participating in this trend, but the scoring basis may not be the same. Pierre Tourigny is the designer of attractive looks scale. Pierre is a Canadian photographer and statistic programmer.

Definition of hot or not composite images

Composite images are the combined photo of two or more two photos. Creating composite images appears not challenging, but the fact is not that. Making hot or not composite images are not easy and also time-consuming. Professional graphic designers also can’t complete the job quickly.

But the composite image creation for “Attractive Face” composite images is not so time-consuming as the composite image creation. A most interesting fact is that “Attractive Face” composite images take only some seconds. The TikTok app combines fifteen photos and creates one picture. The users can upload this image for rating as per attractiveness.

Hot or not composite images male, female both version is available. So, in the trend of hot or not composite images, men and women both participate and test their attractiveness.

How to create hot or not composite images?

It is not a big deal to create hot or not composite images. The users need to follow some steps to participate in the trend:

  • Install the composite image sheet on Wikimedia Commons. Save the composite image on your camera before opening the TikTok.
  • Once the photo is saved, log in to TikTok.
  • Select the effects tab and choose “shifting” or “shapeshifting.” The app will show you the way to the famous and viral videos that you can upload with composite effects.
  • Select an image or video and tap the key below to use a composite effect.
  • Your camera will be opened. Now select the composite image that you created to share it on TikTok.
  • It will start working after you select the record option. Then the users can edit the image by including music, text, or some other effects before final posting.

TikTok users can also apply a filter to analyze their composite image. It will help them score more points for the “Attractive Face” challenge.

The issues with hot or not composite images

The hot or not composite images are made for fun. But it may have adverse effects on the emotion of the community. Some users can’t bear the lower “Attractive Face” score. If a group of friends attempts the challenge and anyone scores low, they make jokes at the individual who fails to restrict it as sheer fun. Therefore, a social-awareness is required before attempting such challenges.

Final words

Hot or not, composite images is a famous TikTok trend, and many TikTok users follow it. But this trend is nothing but mere fun. The users should accept the “Attractive Face” scores as fun and should not get disheartened by low scores. The users should remember this score is not the determiner of real beauty, and it will help them enjoy the trend.