Gift Packaging: Types and Advantages

Gifts have some common things and some different things. People exchange gifts on occasions that make them happy. They can include birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, or a job promotion. However, each gift is different from the other. Children like chocolates and candies as gifts. Whereas, elders appreciate clothes, wallets, candles and so on. They understand that value of the gift is hidden in the love of the person giving the gift.

The common thing among all the gifts is gift packaging. It is the packing of the gift which makes it unique and attractive for the recipients. Using pillow boxes for packing gifts is the best approach nowadays. These boxes are not only premium and beautiful but also quite affordable. 

People can order gifts from online platforms and these platforms will provide custom boxes for packing the gifts. People can choose the outlook, dimensions, and quality of the box. However, one can also adorn them with different type of embellishments and make them look pretty. You can add linings, stickers, and taglines. This will give a perfect image to the consumer. These boxes are divided according to the gift they contain:

Different ways to use these boxes

These boxes can cater all your specifications. All it relies on the gift you are going to pack in. However, you can personalize these boxes accordingly.

Chocolate boxes

Children are not much keen to see wallets and perfumes as gifts. Instead, they want gifts that are of their level. They love sweets and are very fond of chocolates and candies. A lot of options are available for people to choose from. They can order candies and chocolates of any flavor and company which they like. However, the final hurdle will be the packing of the gift. Ordinary chocolates packed in beautiful boxes attract the children more. They only show interest in unique things. 

People can make the box unique by ordering different customizations. They can change the size of the box to adjust the number of candies. Moreover, they can alter the shapes and make the box look like a cartoon character. Children love to see their favorite cartoon characters in their gifts. They will forget how the gift actually was, but they will remember the packaging always. 

Candle boxes

This gift is appropriate for mature and wise people. They are able to understand the symbolic meaning of the gift. They will be so happy to know that their loved ones want light and prosperity in their lives. Packing the candles is also a hurdle. Even if people get the best quality candles, they can still break due to extra pressure. Good quality pillow boxes wholesale ensure that the recipient receives the candles in perfect form. 

People can order various customizations for these boxes as well. They can get the picture of the candle printed on the box. It gives a hint to the recipient about what they should expect in the gift box. Moreover, the size of the box is also adjustable to fit as many candles as people want.


Custom pillow boxes are famous because people can get them at affordable prices. Moreover, they also have other qualities that set them apart from usual gift boxes. Companies now commonly use these boxes to pack retail items as well as gifts.

Wholesale price

Pillow boxes packaging favors the companies in terms of money. Companies have direct contact with wholesale dealers. Such dealers can provide a bunch of boxes at prices cheaper than the market. Companies can take two big benefits from this adjustment. Firstly, they can get a large number of boxes to pack gifts at different festivals throughout the year. That too without spending extra money. Secondly, they can reduce the packaging cost of their products. This directly affects the cost of their products as well. They can sell the gifts to the people at much lower prices. When people see affordable and quality gifts, they are motivated to spend their money. 

Protect the gifts

These boxes are prepared from cardboard or Kraft material. Both these raw materials are excellent for protecting the products. These absorb all the damage and keep the product safe. IT enables the companies to start shipping services as well. They can ship the gifts packed in pillow boxes to various locations. Customers can provide the address where they want the product to be shipped. Companies then use the safety of these boxes to deliver the gift. Gifts are of no use if they are broken. These boxes ensure a happy reaction from the recipient by protecting the gift from all kinds of damage. 

Provide a unique outlook

Usually, people pack gifts in square or rectangular boxes. These shapes are very common for packaging boxes. The outlook of the packed gift can also impress the recipient. The specialty of these boxes is that their shape matches the shape of a pillow. They are closed at both ends and there is a space between the closed ends. It provides a unique and professional look to the box. Moreover, companies use the latest printing techniques to ensure sharp margins and a beautiful look of the box. 

Addition of a handle

Usually, pillow boxes are without handles. However, customers can use the freedom of customization to get handles added to the boxes. Companies place small handles on the box. These handles provide a strong grip. It ensures that the gift does not slip from the hand. Moreover, the recipients can also handle the gifts easily.

A bunch of customizations

People can experiment with the pillow boxes as they like. They can look on the internet at the popular designs for gift packaging. Then they can apply those designs to these boxes. It is easy to alter the shape, dimensions, and overall outlook of the box. Companies can choose differently:


If people are giving chocolates as gifts, they can choose a heart-shaped box for couples or an animated box for children. Choosing an appropriate shape adds a lot more effectiveness to the gift. You can search the best shape and fit your gift in it. This will give a distinctive appearance to your items. Mark your sales higher in the market.


People can also choose the appropriate dimension for the box according to the gift. Moreover, they can adjust the quantity of the gift such as chocolates, by choosing the right size for the box. 


Children will like vibrant colors such as blue, green, or yellow. Whereas adults like calm colors more. People can choose according to their liking. Moreover, you may find an audience who likes product boxes in bright shades. Always choose the shades considering the target audience.