December Global Holidays – Updated 2022

December is indeed a festive month with many rituals, festivals, and celebrations worldwide. There are religious, cultural, and corporal celebrations that take place in December. Here we will list some global holidays of December with their symbolism. Let’s get started:

Global holidays December list


Hannukah is a Jewish religious festival of lights. Israel and various Jewish people communities worldwide. It is a festival of eight days that begins from the 25th day of Kislev month of the Hebrew Calendar.

In this festival, Jews celebrate the re-loyalty of Jerusalem’s second temple after the revolt of Maccabean. The jews lit candles every day throughout the eight days. Singing and dancing also take place, and they eat oil-dried food items.

World AIDS Day

This is a health-related festival celebrated throughout the globe to grow consciousness on HIV/ AIDS. James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter introduced this celebration in 1987.

On this day, the reasons behind HIV/AIDS are highlighted. This day is celebrated in various ways, like paying a visit to the poor children estranged due to the disease, organizing campaigns to have safe sexual intercourse, and promoting ways to prevent this disease.


This is an Austrian religious festival. In this festival, the celebration is related to the horrendous animal, who has “blazing coals for eyes, tangled hide, and winding stag horns who hits people with birch twigs and seizes youngsters in a huge sack or coffin so he can later suffocate or eat them.”

It is believed that this festival starts from the agnostic nature zeal from pre-Christian festivals. On this occasion, Santa Claus offers gifts to little children, and Austrians praise the evil presence of the devil as it provides an opportunity to celebrate.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

It is a religious celebration that Roman Catholic Church celebrates. The countries like America, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Korea, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the Philippines, Spain, and Uruguay.

A crucial Catholic educating mainstay is observed in this festival. This day is believed to be the day when Virgin Mary conceived Jesus.

Bodhi Day

This is a religious festival of Japan to celebrate the birth and death of Lord Buddha on the same day. The festival is named Vesak and scheduled as per the lunar course.

Buddhists celebrate this festival for three days, one of which involves the illumination of Lord Buddha or Bodhi Day.

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is a religious festival that is celebrated in Italy and Scandinavia. Santa Lucia was a saint of Italy who is considered a figure of life. Every year Italian and Scandinavian people recalled the holy saint as an image of trust and light.

Air shows and parades are arranged to celebrate this occasion, highlighting artists clad in white and people wearing hoods with real flashing candles.

Las Posadas

Las Posadas is a religious festival that is celebrated throughout Mexico and Guatemala. It is celebrated to offer tribute to the Norse god Odin.

This is a nine-day celebration where the nine months of Mary’s pregnancy are observed. Lighting candles, strict figures, and pictures are the parts of this festival celebration.


Yule is a pagan celebration celebrated in Germany and different German groups throughout the earth.

This is a festival for offering tribute to Norse god Odin. It is celebrated by lighting a huge sign in an enormous fire and continuing through the challenging night outside. Candlelight dinner and designing the Yule tree are the parts of this celebration.


This is a parody to advocate against Christmas industrialism globally and specifically in the United States. This is considered as the global holiday December since 1997. This festival aims to oppose Christmas industrialism.

Instead of buying costly gifts, this festival promotes simple aluminum-made things. Some people are firmly against the celebration. Still, this festival is prominent among moderate spenders.


It is a religious festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a worldwide celebration celebrated in December.

This occasion is celebrated by praying, visiting the church, offering gifts, and having cakes. Christians see the church and participate in the special prayer.

 Boxing Day

It is a general festival celebrated worldwide, but the significance varies for different countries. It is the day when churches offer help boxes to the people in need for some people. But for some, Boxing Day is to gift tasks to various workers.

Boxing Day is a notable festival of December, and many countries arranged various games to celebrate Boxing Day.


Kwanzaa is a cultural occasion celebrated to preserve some African values. This festival is celebrated worldwide, particularly in the United States.

This festival is celebrated with traditional African melodies and films. This function ends with a substantial customary dinner which is famous as ‘Karamu.’

Universal Human Rights Month

This is a significant celebration due to its considerable significance. The festival resolves various issues, including limitation of fundamental rights, subjugation, kid dealing, etc.

It was started in 1948 with a report of the United Nations known as the Universal Declaration of Human rights. This report is taken seriously, and the nations admit that human rights should be ensured worldwide.

New Year’s Eve

This is a general celebration celebrated worldwide to mark the year-end.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated to mark the last day of the year and welcome the new year. This day, people visit many places or some parties hard to celebrate the last day of a year, expecting a happy new year ahead.

Dates for December global holidays in 2022

Here is a list of December global holidays 2022,

  • Hannukah: 28th November to 6th December
  • World Aids Day: 1st December
  • Krampusnacht: 5th December
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception: 8th December
  • Bodhi Day 8th December
  • Santa Lucia: 13th December
  • Las Posadas: 16th to 24th December
  • Yule: 21st December to 1st January
  • Festivus: 23rd December
  • Christmas: 25th December
  • Boxing Day 26th December
  • Kwanzaa 26th December to 1st January
  • New Year’s Eve: 31st December