Cloud-based Hotel Bookkeeping Software comes with great advantage. Come, let’s explore…

Every hotel business that takes credit cards, debit cards or checks will need to keep track of their transactions. You can either do this through your own spreadsheet, accounting software like QuickBooks or you can go the Cloud-based route with a service like Nimble Property.

There are many benefits to using Cloud-based Hotel Bookkeeping Software including 24/7 access to your important data, easy backups and the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world.

Why is it necessary? Although spreadsheets are simple to use, they aren’t necessarily designed for ease of access across multiple users. Your accountants and managers will probably have access to them as well as other members of management which means that anyone can change anything at any time. With web-based software, everyone has their own login which allows for much more freedom.

Cloud-based accounting programs offer the same efficiencies as spreadsheets but are much better equipped to handle multiple users without slowing down or becoming obsolete. They are also easy to back up which ensures that if anything should happen to your computer, your bookkeeping program will still be safe.

Most Cloud-based Bookkeeping Software is compatible with any device so you can access your system anytime from anywhere in the world. This means less time wasted running back and forth between meetings and more time working on other problems .

A Cloud-based Hotel Bookkeeping System makes it easier to work with guests who have special requests because you’ll have quick access to all of your important data at all times. This is especially true during the off-season when you might need to make occasional changes on short notice.

Also, because this software lives in the Cloud, it can be accessed and backed up by multiple users at all times which means that you never have to worry about your businesses financial data ever being lost .

Bookkeeping Software that lives in the Cloud also gives you a variety of ways to work with it including desktop versions and mobile versions that are compatible with most devices. These programs include many tools such as automated accounts payable processing, daily sales management, budgeting and also offer access to more than just bookkeeping functions.

Additionally, many accounting programs offer a PMS integration feature where they can connect with daily sales so you can easily get business updates while on the go. This type of access can speed up revenue management and help you make important decisions as quickly as possible.

Here are seven benefits to using a Cloud-based Hotel Bookkeeping Software:

·          Easier access throughout your business from anywhere in the world

·          Compatible with multiple process integrations

·          Can be accessed from any computer at any time, even remotely through a mobile device

·          Easy to share files with other users without having to worry about overwriting each other’s data or causing one another problems due to simultaneous updates.

·            Automated payables processing , an excellent feature which saves you time and money by doing this for you.

·        No need to worry about backing up your data because it is stored in the Cloud at all times, automatically.

·        You receive unlimited access to the platform which means that you have complete control over your business, whenever you need it.

Nimble is used to automate the Accounting operations process for your hotel’s daily, weekly, monthly and year-end accounting needs. Nimble is the perfect hotel bookkeeping software for anyone looking for an easy way to keep track of their finances. With Nimble, you can easily record your expenses and income, as well as generate reports that will help you stay on top of your business’ financial status. Keep your finances in order while you’re on the road with Nimble, the hotel bookkeeping software that takes the hassle out of tracking expenses. Whether you’re a business owner, accountant or hotel manager Nimble makes it easy to manage your efforts and time spending within your comfort zone.

We all know that managing the finances of a hotel is hard. Most hotels don’t have an in-house bookkeeper and rely on spreadsheets, which are time consuming to maintain and rarely produce accurate figures.

Nimble Property is a cloud-based property management system for hotels with more than 100 properties. The solution includes accounting software, PMS integration, KPI dashboard, revenue recognition and reporting tools. The service also offers bookkeeping services for hoteliers who want to outsource their financial data processing and analysis tasks to experts with deep industry knowledge of hospitality business operations.

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