Add value to Lipsticks with Custom Retail Packaging

People are more conscious of making their allover appearance dramatically best by using multiple makeup products. Lipstick is one of the dominant beauty products which is used by almost every age group. The packaging used for lipsticks leaves an impression on the minds of the customers. If brands pay much attention to even minor details, it will reflect their value in the market.

Pack lipsticks in beautifully custom retail packaging will create the best impact on customers. This is a good way of communicating your brand with the customers. Many brands do not pay attention to this factor and mostly lose customer loyalty with their products. By putting additions to lipstick packaging will generate more sales and customer loyalty towards brands. There are many things to consider while packaging lipsticks to make them unique.

Interesting Quotes or Tributes

Adding interesting Quotes on retail lipstick packaging boxes can attract customers more frequently. For instance, if you add some positive beauty quotes on the lipstick box, women will feel more beautiful and admirable and will buy that lipstick. Many brands use this strategy to attract customers. Some use a thank you note on the box to make customers feel special or some pay tributes.

Unboxing Experience

You can add value to your products by enhancing the unboxing experience of potential customers. Many times on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram especially, you will see many influencers reviewing products. Their first thing in reviewing any product is the unboxing experience they gain by opening the box. You can add value by making ease of opening or closing or printing something on the box or a greeting on an opening note.

Promotional Discounts

This strategy is best suitable for the lipsticks that are about to launch in the market. You can make small testing tubes of lipsticks with attractive covers that are personalized or giving discounts on early birds. Before even your lipstick come into the market, it will be known by the potential customers. It is a unique way to make customers feel special or make them feel that you care about your potential customers.

Occasional Wrapping

This is the most effective way of impressing customers. Many brands use this strategy to enforce customers on impulse buying. For example, on a new year, limited edition lipsticks that contain no changes in the product but the external packaging with new year fireworks or writing. On Christmas, limited edition lipsticks with green and red packaging with jingle bells and Santa, etc. Customers will appreciate your effort and eventually fall for impulse buying.

Lipstick Affiliation

You can add to lipstick usage by affiliate your brand to the customers. This can be done by printing different and unique taglines on the boxes that boost the energy to require beauty. For example, “Your Lips, your Identity”, these types of attractive taglines will gain the attention of the potential customers.


You can also provide extra lipsticks. Like, providing lip care routines or lip care tips on the box or even inside the lipstick box with a small colorful flyer. Another way is to provide a lipstick brush or utensils to apply it better and perfectly. Moreover, providing tips for applying lipstick step by step on a note is also highly appreciated by customers. Customers will think the brand cares more about them and giving additional information to us. This will boost sales of the brand and helps the brand to gain a competitive edge over other competitors.

Providing Samples

You can also provide samples to your customers in large stores. On display counters, you can avail small sample lipsticks for customers. By name, it shows free which means customers will automatically attract towards it and give it a try. This is the best marketing strategy of many of the larger lipsticks brands around the globe to gain customer attraction.


Custom packaging for lipsticks can be cost-effective, as you can have multiple ideas from which you can choose according to your own choice and especially budget. You can assign the budget as per your requirement and then within that, you can check how many options are provided for customization. Researchers show mostly custom packaging proves to be cost-effective.

For example, if you add small notes inside the box or print on the box will decrease the cost. Adding different discount coupons inside the box will not charge much but will increase the sales of lipsticks. Printing tips on the back of the box can also save cost. So, brands who think customization requires a lot of resources or budget need to know thoroughly about packaging customization to satisfy themselves.

Besides, the regular packaging boxes, custom packaging boxes allow you to cut down your cost by yourself by customizing the boxes according to your style. For example, regular packaging material with regular printing, same sizes require a specific budget. But, in making a custom lipstick box, it can be made according to the size or you can put a window on it or even just a plain box with beautifully simple and elegant printing can save cost.

A large industry is eventually coming into existence with this profession. There is a whole packaging industry in which a lot of companies are working to provide packaging services to brands throughout the world. They aim to offer multiple styles of packaging material to make your brand worth buying.

Stampa Prints is one of the leading packaging company, who is offering the best packaging solutions with custom boxes to its valuable customers. They offer unique boxes with a free consultation. Their response time is quick. They are deeply committed to their work and provide different packages that are affordable to potential customers. Their customer support offers answers to your every question with proper facts. They have state-of-art technology that is used to create different retail boxes designs and make printing non-blurry and non-smudge. Their delivery mechanism is best known by their customers throughout the global network.

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