Virtual Christmas Party Games and Ideas For 2021

Working remotely is no excuse for skipping all the Christmas party fun in 2021. At a time when everything is being held virtually, online parties and live streaming services for events can come to your rescue. Christmas is approaching and you have all the right to indulge in some Christmassy fun. This article provides you with some of the most amazing virtual Christmas party ideas for 2021.

Virtual Party Ideas and Games

Virtual Never Have I Ever Game

A Never have I ever game is one of the best virtual holiday party ideas to add a pinch of naughtiness to your virtual new year celebration. The host asks goofy and humorous questions to which the participants answer either ‘I have’ or ‘Never’. This is a great ice-breaker activity and can also help the co-workers know each other in a different manner. Some of the funny Never have I ever questions are –

Never have I ever worked all day wearing my pajamas?

Never have I ever stolen a co-worker’s lunch?

Never have I ever forgotten to unmute me while speaking?

Christmas Themed Online Bingo

Bingo is one of the most loved games. You will be surprised to know that organizing a virtual bingo is very easy. You can make the game interactive with the help of features like chat and breakout rooms. You can use Christmas-themed clues and ask everyone to find the answer. You can add some extra fun and offer rewards like gift cards to the winners.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? Scavenger hunts are fun and can help boost engagement at a Christmas party. But is it possible to organize it virtually? The answer is Yes. You can make a list of prompts like your all-time favorite gift, something that reminds you of home, etc. The person who brings the item first will be the winner. You can add extra points to candidates who tell stories surrounding the item.

Virtual Christmas Trivia

A trivia is a great option for any event or party. Virtual Christmas trivia is sure to add a fun and exciting element to your Christmas party. You can use features like live chat, polls, and webcam to make the participants answer the questions. You can also include a raise hand feature.

Virtual Ice-breaking Activities

While organizing your Christmas party virtually, it is important to have amazing icebreakers to add a fun element and help people get comfortable. You can use ice-breaking questions such as –

Which is the weirdest Christmas gift ever?

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

What is the one question you would like to ask Santa?

You can also organize ice-breaking games like cocktail making or Christmas tree decoration.

Crafting Ornaments

You can send your colleagues a box of festive ornaments and ask them to decorate them during the virtual Christmas party. This is a fun holiday activity, and you can also share the images of the finished products on your company’s social media.

Virtual Photo Booth

No event, party, or celebration can be complete without funny and memorable snaps. Working remotely should not mean having to miss out on photo sessions. Setting up a virtual photo booth can help make your Christmas party fun and memorable. You and your colleagues can show off these pictures on social media. A virtual photo booth can get your colleagues excited about the party.

Virtual Award Show

Conducting a virtual award show is a great virtual holiday party idea for work. You can award your colleagues with weird and funny awards like the comedian, the sleepyhead, the angry man, the singer, the dancer, and the latecomer.

Sing Christmas Carol

Christmas parties are incomplete without Christmas carols and Christmas songs. You can ask each team member to sing a Christmas carol of their choice.

Virtual Holiday Light Tour

You can ask the participants to record a video of their surroundings and neighborhoods to capture the best lightings and decorations. During the Christmas party, every participant can share their screens and show the images and videos.

Candy Cane Tower

To add a fun and competitive element, you can include a candy cane tower game. Ask the participants to build a tower with candy canes. Whoever builds the tallest tower wins. You can impose a time limit of 2 minutes to increase excitement.

Your Own ‘Jingle Bells’ Version

‘Your version of the song’ is one of the best virtual Christmas party ideas. You can ask the participants to create their version of the song. Divide the participants into small teams of 2-3 and give them a Christmas carol or a Christmas song to create their own version of the song and reward the best version.

Virtual Secret Santa

Secret Santa is the most loved part about Christmas. If you don’t want to miss out on all the fun, you can organize a virtual secret Santa party. You can randomly assign a person to give a gift. The participants can decide what gift do they want to give to the recipient. The participants can send the gifts physically before the party, and everyone can open their gifts during the virtual party.

Festive Playlist Creation Challenge

Parties are incomplete without a festive playlist. Rather than playing a pre-curated playlist, you can add a little bit of fun by challenging the participants to guess. You can create a playlist and ask the participants to add one song to it. The participants can later guess who added which song.

Christmas Costume Challenge

You can also conduct a Christmas costume challenge and ask the participants to dress up in festive costumes like Santa caps, elf costumes, reindeer antlers, green grinch hair, Santa jackets. The best-dressed person will win the challenge. You can also introduce goofy rewards for the winner to add an extra fun element.

Christmas Charades

Holiday Charades is a perfect game to add excitement to a virtual party. To get the Christmassy feels, you can tweak the traditional charades a bit. Ask the participants to enact famous scenes of holiday movies, characters, traditions, and carols one by one and the others will read the body language and guess the movie, character, or carol.

Summing Up

Put on your Christmas caps and get partying with these amazing ideas for hosting a virtual party. You can always add your own creativity to make your virtual Christmas party fun and engaging.