The Top 10 Benefits of Having a Strong Sense of Self-Esteem Highlighted by Paul Haarman

The Mindful Way through Anxiety

To begin with it’s important to remember that is normal to feel inadequate at times. A healthy dose of self-doubt is necessary as a spur for improvement but when negative thoughts become so intrusive as to stop you from being able to think about anything else it can be problematic. What’s more if your self-esteem is too low you may find it difficult to make good decisions, hold down a job or carry on with education. Over time this could lead to depression and in some cases even suicide.

If you are worried that your own low self-esteem is having a negative effect on your life then read on for ten key benefits of having a strong sense of self-esteem…

1) You Will Know Your True Worth

One of the most powerful things about high levels of self-esteem is that when you have them you know when something is worth fighting for or standing up for. When others try to influence you in negative ways they will have no effect because instead of borrowing someone else’s perspective you see things as they really are. This means that if there is ever a conflict of interest between yourself and another person you will know which path to take says Paul Haarman.

2) You Will Make the Right Decisions

As well as knowing your self-worth having high levels of self-esteem also allows you to make the right choices in life. If something doesn’t feel like it ‘soul fits’ then it won’t be difficult to turn away from it even if others around you want you to follow the same path. At times this might seem lonely but ultimately people with strong self-esteem do not let outside influences sway them because they can see clearly what their own beliefs are.

3) People Will Respect Your Opinions

Part of having a healthy sense of self-esteem is being able to express your opinions and thoughts without fearing that others will laugh at them or mock you. This means that at work, school, college or university being confident with what you have to say will yield benefit because people will value your contributions far more than the average person’s.

4) You Will Be More Successful

A strong sense of self-esteem can lead to a heightened level of determination which in turn makes it possible for certain goals to be met. Being determined also helps in setting appropriate targets so when it comes down to having to deal with matters such as passing exams, losing weight or making new friends then reaching these objectives becomes much easier. The fact that you believe in yourself will also mean that you are more persistent when it comes to overcoming any problems or roadblocks which come your way.

5) You Will Sleep Better At Night

When things are going well in life self-esteem tends to stay high but if problems arise then levels can fall dramatically. This is why some people suffer from insomnia on a regular basis because they are so worried about their circumstances at work or school, what other people think of them or even whether they will continue to have enough money to pay the bills. When you have low self-esteem worrying can become an insomniac’s full time job so once you begin feeling more positive sleep will return naturally.

6) You’ll be More Understanding

People with strong self-esteem do not look down on others because they understand that everyone is different and so should be treated in a respectful manner. People with self-esteem are patient individuals who are willing to listen to what other people have to say before passing judgment which makes for healthier relationships between parents, children, friends or spouses.

7) You Will Be More Aware Of Your Own Needs

People with low self-esteem tend to put the needs of others above their own but this can backfire if you allow it to continue over a long period of time. If you recognize the importance of taking care of yourself too then this will make life far more fulfilling because even though it’s important to give there is also a need for receiving every now and again.

8) People Will Want to Spend Time with You

Having strong self-esteem means that you are enjoyable to be around which is why people with high levels of it tend to have friends who want to spend time with them. Once you begin feeling more positive about your life then this will rub off on others so spending time with an individual like this can be both fun and insightful because they are not afraid of telling it how it really is.

9) You Will Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Self-esteem has a great deal to do with body image so the two things go hand in hand. The good news is that if you feel comfortable in your own skin then there’s nothing stopping you from having positive relationships, working towards personal goals or enjoying family life to the full.

10) You Will Have a Greater Sense of Well-Being

People with healthy self-esteem are generally very optimistic which means that they tend to see the good side of life. This prevents feelings of depression and low moods so even if bad things happen having positive expectations can be one way of turning negatives into positives. When you feel good about yourself then you do not worry excessively or let problems overwhelm you because you already know that everything will turn out fine in the end.

Conclusion by Paul Haarman:

Strong self-esteem can be a wonderful thing but it’s not something that you get for free. Instead, it requires work on your part so while there are some lucky people out there who have strong feelings of self-worth without having to do anything about it you have to know that this is the exception rather than the rule.