Seven Doubts to clarify before hiring Android App Development Services

Android app development services are in huge demand these days. The benefits of engaging users using android applications tempt business owners all around the globe to hire Android app developer.

Despite being a game-changer, people often fail to achieve their true potential due to some common mistakes. You need to act vigilantly while hiring an android developer for your business applications.

It is not difficult to find business owners with bad experiences during app development projects. Though it is easy to complain, have you ever thought about why such a situation arises?

Today, we will help you identify the doubts you should clear before hiring any expert for your business apps. Doing so can save you from troubles while ensuring the best returns for your investment in Android applications. Before jumping on that, let’s have a look at some promising aspects of having an android app for your company.

What makes developing an android app for business a bright idea?

The investment and time involved in developing a mobile app for business often daunt people’s minds. We all know that you have to put a lot of effort into building an app that can prove its worth.

If you are still ignoring to hire android app developer for your business, you should have a look at the below stats:-

  • Out of total time spent on mobile devices, 90% is on mobile apps.
  • The number of mobile users is rising, and the desktop user count is diminishing.
  • There are around three million mobile apps on the Android app store.
  • More than 90000 apps are released on the app store every month.
  • Android apps generate 170 billion in revenue every year.
  • Android apps have helped businesses to retain and engage users even better.
  • Android applications will hit $581.9 billion in revenue in 2022

Interesting, isn’t it? These stats will motivate you to hire android app developer for your business. Before going for android app development services, check out the doubts you need to remove.

Doubts you must clarify before choosing to hire android app developer

  • Decide your Target Audience

There should be no confusion about the audience you wish to target using your android application. Choosing the right audience will be the first step for a successful mobile application.

Understand the preference of your audience by conducting research. It is also good to check what types of features the competitors are using to engage the users. Once you have clarity, it will also help android app development services providers to inculcate those features for a competitive edge.

  • The technology you wish to use

Selection of the right technology is crucial for good results with your business application. There are numerous technologies to develop android applications. It becomes vital to choose the most suitable one for your app.

You can also consult about technology before deciding to hire android developer. The selection of technology depends on factors like scalability needs, features you want, and many more.

  • User interface preferences

The design of your application is going to play a crucial role in its success. You need to decide what kind of design you need so that there should be minimum confusion while developing your app.

You can also prefer the services of an experienced designer to ensure that your user interface is as per the latest industry standards. You can research to find out what kind of designs are most suitable for apps related to your industry.

The design of your android application will be the first impression that the customer gets once he opens your app. Make sure to remove all doubts about elements you need in design so that your first impression can be great.

  • The budget, you wish to dedicate

Developing an android app will consume significant funds. You must have clarity about the budget for your project. You should allocate the funds wisely so that you don’t face shortages during the development phase.

The selection of developers also depends on the funds you want to dedicate. You should also avoid allocating excessive budgets as it can also cause problems.

We have seen many projects ending in jeopardy due to mismanagement of funds allocated for them. Ensure to make a streamlined plan which helps you to complete the development process without breaking your banks.

  • Freelancer or a company

It is one of the most daunting things people struggle with while deciding to build an android application. Though choosing whether to hire android app developer or company can make you scratch your head, you have to choose one option.

A lot of factors like budget, time constraints, and level of expertise need consideration by you to decide on this. Both freelancers and companies have benefits and drawbacks that you need to evaluate before concluding.

  • Timelines to complete

Deciding on timelines to complete the project is also crucial to getting your app live promptly. You should decide and discuss them while interviewing the developers for your app.

Setting the time of completion help the candidates to find whether they can deliver within it or not. It is also crucial for deciding the overall development cost as more time it takes more money you need to put on the project.

  • Functionalities you want

It is yet another crucial decision you need to make before seeking android app development services. You can list the functionalities that you want in your application so that developers can evaluate whether they can add them or not.

It will also help you avoid hiring a developer who does not possess enough skills to add these functionalities. We would like to remind you that adding functionalities using third-party integrations will require a lot of skills and experience.


We hope that the above points will help you hire android app development services confidently. The worth of time and money you put into your app depends on making the right start. By removing all these confusions from your mind, you can hope to hire android app developer who gives the best value for your investment and time in business apps.