Igtok – Get Free Instagram and TikTok followers

Igtok is a combined follower increasing platform for both Instagram and TikTok. It is primarily build for boosting views, likes and followers for your account. Unlike other followers increasing platforms Igtok is not a scam and reliable for gaining popularity and increasing your reach.

A large number of people have been using this platform because of its amazing features which are explained in this article too, and still this platform is gaining more and more users because of its brilliant services. If you’re interested in increasing likes and followers for your Instagram and Tiktok account then you can have a look at this article and learn about this amazing application.

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What is Igtok. com?

IGTOK. com Home Page

Nowadays everyone is trying to become an Influencer on Instagram and Tiktok and to boost the reach of their videos and posts the influencers are using applications like Igtok com so that more number of people can see their content. Igtok is one of those platforms that can help you in gaining more followers on social media applications such as Instagram and Tiktok. It is a web based tool that promises to grow your profile among various influencers and entrepreneurs. Igtok is believed to be very safe as it keeps the customers away from bots and fake accounts.  

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Features of Igtok com

IGTOK Package
IGTOK. com plans

Igtok helps you reach thousands of new followers and grow your social media influence. Instagram’s algorithm allows accounts to have more iftok instagram followers and likes. Your Instagram posts and followers are valued higher when you buy IGTOK followers. This results in more traffic to your Instagram from your target audience.

Igtok is very fast while increasing your followers and views. You just have to select the suitable package according to your choice. It has both paid and free packages for every customer. Igtok. com has a very clean and easy to use interface which is designed in a very friendly manner and easily accessible by everyone. The best feature of this Platform is that it targets the audience related to the selected package based on type of account. This Platform not only provides quantity of followers but also a quality of users. If you have opted for paid package then it also provides various methods for transaction including UPI, Credit and Debits cards, etc.

Igtok Premium Packages

Igtok offers a huge variety of packages for increasing followers, likes or views for its users. The free package is not safe as there are high chances of getting your account hacked. The free package includes the following

  • Free Follower
  • Free Like
  • Free Video View
  • Free Profile View
  • Free Story View
  • Free Explore View
  • Free IGTV View
  • Free IGTV Like

It is advised to opt for the paid packages which are mentioned below. The paid package starts from $3 (INR 223) to $100 (INR 7442).

For Instagram

  • For $5 you get 500 followers.
  • For $10 you get 1000 followers.
  • For $36 you get 5000 followers.
  • For $64 you get 10,000 followers.
  • For $7 you get 50k views.
  • For $12 you get 100k views.
  • For $30 you get 1 Million views.

For TikTok

  • For $3 you get 500 likes.
  • For $5 you get 500 followers.
  • For $20 you get 5000 likes.
  • For $40 you get 5000 followers.
  • For $100 you get 1 million views.

The above mentioned igtok packages are quite expensive but worth the amount if you want to increase the engagement of your account.

How to Increase Igtok Followers on Instagram/TikTok?

Increasing followers on Instagram or Tiktok via Igtok is not a lengthy process but a very easy one. If you are willing to increase the growth of your followers then firstly you have to visit the official website of Igtok com as it is a web based application. You can visit the igtok. com website using either a phone or a laptop.

When the website gets open the homepage of this Platform shows a list of options including the total number of offered packages, your currently opted packages, your cart, etc. It has a menu option which contains Instagram and TikTok option from where you can select any of the two according to your account type.

After choosing the account type it asks you for your username so that it can access your account for working on it. After submitting the username you will get few followers if you have opted for free service.

If you wish to opt for more followers, likes and views then you have to select the paid options which are listed above. After selecting the option it asks you to pay the amount using any of the method from the listed options such as PayPal, Western Union, etc. Igtok also accepts crypto currency as a method of payment.

After successful payment you will get desired result within an hour or so from This Platform. But beware of the website; always choose the website with English language and not Russian to avoid fake payments schemes.


Igtok is a social media marketing platform that is basically build to increase followers, views and likes on TikTok and Instagram accounts using different packages that they offer to their customers. Unfortunately some of the packages that guarantee free growth are fake, also these applications are filled with numerous ads and notifications which can be a disturbing element and there might be some cheap followers added to your list too so it is wise to go for the safer options which include some amount of money for accessing the services.. There will always be hundreds of options providing you the same services so you have to decide which one is worth spending on after having a complete review of these applications.