How to Use Your LinkedIn Page as a Sales Funnel

 LinkedIn is a popular social networking site that lets you connect to the right people. Your updates and profile information matter the most. And people who visit your profile want to see your real work more than fluff.

Your profile is the best place to show your value proposition. Following this, it is indispensable to mold your profile to be customer-centric.

People often associate LinkedIn with job offers and recruiters. But times have changed – and now you can optimize the LinkedIn platform as a successful sales funnel. Besides, you don’t need third-party apps for this. With some simple tips – you can turn your existing page into sales funnel to generate leads.

Why is LinkedIn ideal for a sales pitch?

LinkedIn is the single best way to generate B2B business leads. With the platform – you can get an edge that isn’t possible with other social media websites. That does not mean you shouldn’t market your business on other sites.

But LinkedIn has a purpose in the sales funnel. You can use the site for lead generation and sales pitches. Through your profile – you can make the first step in communication. People can send a request to connect – or you can reach out to new customers through your site.

How to Use Your LinkedIn Page as a Sales Funnel

  • Make the first impression

The first thing the business prospects will see is your LinkedIn profile. So, the first impression matters the most. Incorporate the right personality in your profile – and highlight your achievements. The platform is not only for recruiters, so keep your tone neutral.

Moreover, it’s vital to add important links to your profile and LinkedIn business page. Additionally, you can ask for recommendations – as it’ll help to boost your business profile.

Make sure you add a profile photo along with a catchy description. First impressions are always the best, as they create the right impact on people visiting your page for the first time.

  • Search like an expert

LinkedIn has a special advanced filter that lets you define your audience. You can search like a pro – and know about the profession, location, or even the company you want to deal with.

With the feature – you can save your search preferences and set up different email notifications. The best part is – LinkedIn will deliver you a weekly digest of all the leads you want to capture. The search feature may take time. But once you get pro at it – there is no looking back.

  • Build your network

Irrespective of social sites, it’s vital to build a network. LinkedIn also requires you to build a good network – that will be defined by your audience. You can reach out and build your network based on your needs.

LinkedIn gives you the right to be the decision-maker without having to talk to the gatekeeper. Also, you have approx 290 characters, so you will need to keep it concise.

The platform gives you a chance to warm up to your lead before you connect. Here, it is vital to think of a good elevator pitch – and how you would like to introduce yourself. The way you build your network depends on – how you deliver more value.

  • The way you connect matters

Once you connect with the person – you have perfect insight into the profile or the company. Also, you will have to pay attention to all the prospects and the types of articles they are sharing on the page.

More importantly, you must know whether they are connecting with your competitors. Following the company updates, it’s a great way to connect and provide a new opportunity to get in touch.

  • Attract more leads

You can use this LinkedIn feature to stay updated on all the latest news. Besides, the feature lets you find out – what interests your connections. It lets you highlight more opportunities and insights for your page. Moreover, you can develop insights based on the content.

There are many advantages of using the LinkedIn pulse. It lets you showcase your skills and helps to establish yourself as a thought leader through publishing content on your page. Moreover, doing so can help to improve the value of your page and increase prospects.

  • Understand the sales funnel

More than 90% of people use Facebook and LinkedIn for lead generation and marketing. So, with top professionals using social selling tools, it is clear that LinkedIn and Facebook are fast replacing the previous ways to gain traction.

Use LinkedIn to build your sales pipeline – as it will help you qualify your leads. Plus, understanding the sales funnel is not difficult once you are clear about your outreach. Using the right opportunity will pave new ways for you. And, you don’t have to pay extra for marketing and sales pitch; it’s a win-win situation for you.

Build a suitable Sales funnel

When you build a sales funnel using LinkedIn, you must stay proactive in the hunt for leads. Besides, every opportunity and resource you utilize for finding customers is worth your time.

Moreover, LinkedIn gives you the preference of compiling a lead list based on ideal customer criteria. But easy access doesn’t give you the right to spam the customers with the request of sales messages.

It does give you the right to reach out and make meaningful connections. The initial sales pitch is the first impression to make a genuine impression.

  • Direct visitors to a specific page

For a specific campaign – you can direct visitors to a specific page. You have an option of linking to a product profile, landing page, or social profile.

  • Add testimonials

Add testimonials in your summary as they can serve as social proof. Through testimonials, new visitors would be more confident about looking at your business page. A few catchy quotes from influencers can also do the trick. Besides, you can include links or inviting copies in this section.

Winding up,

You should stop viewing LinkedIn as a source of inactive social networking sites as it is the best site to build your sales funnel and attract new customers. Tools are effective if you make the right use of them.

So, if you have a LinkedIn profile and you have ignored it for a long time, it’s time you pay special attention to it. You will be way ahead of all your competitors by taking advantage of the channel.

Put more effort into your strategy for fruitful results. Change the dynamics of your LinkedIn profile and gain the advantage. It’s the right time to act, as today most sales leads are generated through marketing and social media platforms.