How to Troubleshoot Company File Errors by Using QuickBooks Tool Hub?

Do you receive Company File errors while operating QuickBooks Desktop? We can help. The QuickBooks software may receive the 6XXX series error codes that indicate an issue with your company file.

Fortunately, the QuickBooks Tools Hub contains tools that can rectify such errors with ease. The steps to obtain the tool hub can be complicated, that’s why we’ve prepared this guide.

Today, we’ll explain the process of fixing Company File errors via QuickBooks Tool Hub. So, let’s begin with understanding the causes of company file errors.

What Causes Company File Errors In QuickBooks?

The Company File Errors generates when users try operating their company file and the system displays an error code message like Error: 6xxxx.

Before you launch the QuickBooks Tool Hub to fix your company file error, check the below-mentioned causes for this error to stop it from recurring.

High UAC Settings – The User Account Control on your PC may label QuickBooks as a threat and block its functionality resulting in company file errors.

Long-Term Use of Company File – If you’re operating your company files for long, it may cause the QuickBooks Company File Error to appear.

Network Misconfiguration: To operate QuickBooks efficiently, the network must be configured appropriately, or else the system will display company file errors.

Missing Admin Rights – Admin privileges are required for using software and configuring files. Hence, missing admin rights lead to company file errors.

Corrupt QuickBooks Components – QuickBooks components help operate the company file efficiently and if the.ND or.TLG Files faces any corruption, it’ll cause the company file error.

Outdated Windows OS – Windows Update allows the system to diagnose any existing error that might be affecting the system files. If it’s outdated then you may encounter company file errors in QuickBooks.

Requirements For QuickBooks Tools Hub

Prior to using Quickbooks Tools Hub to repair your company file errors, it is crucial that you meet the below-mentioned requirements for this tool hub.

  • Installation of .NET Framework on your system.
  • MS Visual C++ Package is also required for this tool.
  • Ensure to disable your Windows Firewall temporarily.
  • Disable your User Account Control settings.
  • Disable the Antivirus using the “Task Manager”.
  • Close any Background program.

Steps To Resolve Company File Errors Via QB Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub dashboard consists of multiple sections that help solve various QuickBooks errors. Below are the steps you need to follow to download, install and use this tool for company file errors.

Step 1: Downloading QuickBooks Tools Hub On Your System

Start with granting your system administrative privileges and thereafter download the QuickBooks Tools Hub for fixing company file errors. Here’s how;

  • First, connect your system to an internet connection that is fast and stable.
  • Thereafter, exit QuickBooks Desktop and any active programs.
  • Then, run the system’s browser and access the official webpage of Intuit.
  • Next, download QuickBooks Tool Hub on your system.
  • Now, select the location to save the Tool Hub setup file.
  • Finally, click “Ok” and the QB Tool Hub will begin downloading.

Step 2: Install The Tool Hub

Upon downloading the QuickBooks Tools Hub, it is crucial that users install it appropriately for its effective performance. Follow these:

  • First, visit the directory containing the setup file of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Then, double-tap the file and the installation wizard will appear.
  • Afterward, follow instructions and browse the folder to store installation files.
  • Next, read the agreement and conditions thoroughly.
  • Now, tap “I-Agree” and follow the upcoming directions.
  • Finally, when the installation gets done, tap “Finish” and run a reboot.

Step 3: Start QuickFix My File

Now, after installing QuickBooks Tools Hub on your system, run QuickFix My File. Here’s how:

  • First, double-tap “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” from the Desktop.
  • Then, visit the “Company-File-Issues” section.
  • Next, locate and run “QuickFix My File”.
  • Now, select the infected company file.
  • Finally, the tool will diagnose the ongoing issue with your company file.

Now, it is important for users to perform a reboot and then verify the company file for any existing error. Or else, use QB File Doctor, check next.

Step 4: Run QB File Repair Doctor

The QuickBooks File Doctor is an integrated tool in QuickBooks Tool Hub that can solve QuickBooks company-based problems. To launch the QB File Repair Tool, perform these:

  • Start with launching the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • After that, select “Company-File-Issues”.
  • Now, choose “Run QuickBooks Repair Doctor”.
  • Thereafter, browse the company file.
  • Next, tap “Ok” and choose “Diagnose-File”.
  • Finally, provide admin credentials if prompted.

Now the file repair doctor tool will automatically diagnose and rectify any existing corruption in your company file.

Furthermore, after diagnosing the company file error, make sure to do a system reboot, and then users can efficiently work on their company file.

How To Avoid The Recurrence Of Company File Errors?

After diagnosing the company file errors using QB Tool Hub, follow the below-listed tips to make sure these errors never come again.

  • Periodically monitor for the latest Windows Updates.
  • Disable User Account Control from your system.
  • Always be equipped with Admin Credentials.
  • Make sure to have fast internet connectivity.
  • Don’t let your company files shut down unexpectedly.

By considering the above-listed instructions, users can eliminate the chances of company file error repetition.

Moreover, it is recommended to timely update your QuickBooks for the latest improvements and to repair any existing bugs and errors.

How to Update QuickBooks?

By updating QuickBooks, users can effectively repair and avoid the recurrence of QuickBooks company file errors.

Since many users run into trouble while updating their QuickBooks, the below instructions will be helpful.

  • First, apply admin rights to QB by locating “QuickBooks.exe” and tapping right on it.
  • Then, select “Run-Admin” and visit “Help” while the “No-Company-Open” screen appears.
  • Next, choose “Update-QuickBooks” and thereafter, tick “Mark-All”.
  • Now, click“Save” and tap on “Update-Now”.
  • Finally, click “Get-Updates” and install any available update for QuickBooks.

After installing updates for your QuickBooks, perform a quick system restart and launch QuickBooks with administrative privileges to keep working on your company file without facing any errors.

Wrapping Up

In summary, the QuickBooks Tool Hub is very beneficial in troubleshooting company file errors. The content we provide to you will assist you in using the QuickBooks Tools Hub in solving such errors.

Furthermore, we’ve included some important tips that will help you avoid company file errors from appearing again.